Tuesday, June 04, 2013

the sweetest quilt (a work in progress)

a special by lovelydesign
I've been saving my Addie's little baby blouses, toddler dresses, wee nighties + bloomers (anything sweet and made from fabric perfect for quilting) up for many moons now. Most of Addie's old things I've long ago passed on to many other little girls. But I couldn't bear to be rid of some of her loveliest things and so I've been keeping them close to me. They have been waiting.

I knew that eventually wanted to create a special quilt out of all of these little girl items, but it took me years to be able to summon up the courage to cut into them. And when I finally did this past spring, with each cut came a little bit of heartache.

Nights these days, I will tiptoe into Addie's darkened room, to peer at my girl when she's fast asleep. She is long and gangly and hangs tangled off of her bed, limbs all asunder. And it hits me with a shock each time, that suddenly she is fast on her way to adulthood. There is hardly a trace of the little baby girl left here, and this realisation makes my heart both soar and ache.

May this quilt I am working on these days - dozens of simple but magical sawtooth star blocks which I am piecing together with extra care - always bring me back so many memories of our sweetest days together, my little girl and I. For now, faster and faster each day, she is on her way.


Jodi said...

Oh, what a special quilt that will be, and what a sweet post you wrote about it. Looking forward to seeing more.

Tasha Early said...

You should put a disclaimer at the top of this post warning pregnant women to move along.

-crying my eyes out in Missouri

Elizabeth said...

I have a stack of these same kinds of clothes in my laundry room, with plans to do the same (my baby girls are 11, 8, and 6 now. Sniff)

dottycookie said...

Oh, you made me cry. In a good way, but still. My little ones are 10 and 8, and sometimes, just bi the moment that they wake up, I can see the tiny babies still there in the way they stretch or yawn. It's all good.

Wendy said...

What a beautiful idea! And you are so right, they grow up so fast (how cliché...). My son went from little boy to teenager almost overnight (how did that change happen so fast?) and I miss those good old days of cuddling on the couch but I'm very proud of him growing up to be a great person...
I'm sure your quilt will remember you of all the precious moments you had with your daughter, and may there come many more!

Papiya said...

Wow what a nice quilt looking so nice !!

Brooke Reynolds said...

Beautiful, both the quilt and the prose..
I know they have to grow up, but this is a lovely way to press pause.

life in red shoes said...

I had this same thought to do with my daughters baby clothes. She is now 32 with brand new twins of her own and I still can't bring myself to take the scissors to them.
Maybe little Cora will wear them?

Tarino said...

You were able to feel the chick’s perfumes, almost feel the vixen’s soft skin.

Baret said...

The babe was the most astonishing human being you’ve ever seen. The chick’s light brown eyes gazing at you from time to time, the babe’s unusual body bouncing next to you.

Cassandra said...

How amazing! What an adorable idea! Your inspiring me to attempt another one of your amazing quilts!

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raster to vector said...

Wow so pretty and cute baby looking so nice. A big thanks for sharing with us !!

tim watson said...

This looks so pretty. Eager to see more of your work.

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Joana Santos said...

I miss your posts!

steev frank said...

What a fun roundup! I love that mug...so so cute. And that printable...definitely going to print that puppy out--thanks, Jane! Happy Fall to you:)

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Rosa @ Flutter Flutter said...

You've said it so well. I feel the exact same way when I look at my oldest.
I lost track of all the blogs I followed after Google Reader's demise, and I'm so glad that I've found yours again! :)
I love the quilt idea. My kids have taken most of the most prized baby clothes and use them to clothe their stuffed animals, and it makes me happy to see them having a second life.

Jay Tee said...


I hope you and your little ones are doing well. It would be so lovely to see your progress on this gorgeous little quilt. I miss your posts, and blogging, they always brought such joy and inspiration.

All the blessings to you and your family x x x

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Monica M said...

if only i had started to stitch when mine was still a baby. the idea of a quilt or anything at all made up of scraps of her little clothes is just so beautiful.
loving that cheeky baby grin.

Giovanna said...

A lovable picture.

Zamejda Coni said...

Lovely photos.

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Carla said...

I miss reading your posts...hope everything is good!!!

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