Monday, March 25, 2013

at the fence

at the fence by lovelydesign
at the fence, a photo by lovelydesign on Flickr.

i realised early on in the year that at the top of Reid's activity choices is to putter around our yard. I am over the moon with this realisation - and we have been getting much work done, side by side, moving rocks, uplifting the earth, weeding, preparing, discovering. I have many plans, but they are slow goals. I feel as though have no one to impress but myself - a rather satisfying feeling which in my experience usually yields the most fulfilling results. We shall see.

Out of school hours, and more and more as the grey wet days fade into brilliant sunshine, Adelaide will join us. Having this light-and-airy-fence installed last spring was one of the best things I had done. With it I can work on the street-side of our garden relatively stress-free, but still have closeness to them. Soon, I will stain it and add a few embellishments, i believe.

I am greatly enjoying this time with my children and the peace and contentedness and satisfaction which comes from gardening and work out-of-doors. It's like a sigh of relief for the soul.

Happy Spring!


catie said...

you sound so happy, sharilyn.
this fence seems ideal ~ a healthy boundary to keep your sweeties safe ♥

natalie thistlewood-cox said...

We have a lolly pop fence at the top of the garden to keep the little ones safe. Lets hope for a long summer x

Rebecca Renkas said...

It sounds heavenly to be able to do yard work with your little ones by your side. I live outside of Edmonton,AB and we have so much snow still that it's going to be awhile until I can get my hands in the soil again. Enjoy your time with your little ones, those were one of the happiest times in my life as a mother. Take care and enjoy the spring.(I love your blog,keep posting when you can)

Jennifer said...

Yes to slow goals at the pace of children and family life. :-) I like that a lot. Have a happy spring and lots of muddy boots.

Daniela said...

I'm so looking forward for spring days to arrive so I can start gardening and planting flowers. How great that you're enjoying the outdoors with your little ones!

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Megan @Me and Wee said...

It all sounds so wonderful! Now that Noah has learned to walk, I'm finding that he loves to wander around outside too. He just likes to walk and look at everything. He moans and groans to go outside all the time now. I've decided to just bring out a book and sit as he wanders our fenced yard (I'm no gardener!). Fun for him and relaxation for me! Score!

Stephanie said...

I love the last thing you just said. Gardening and being with my kids. I completely agree there is nothing better.

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