Tuesday, December 04, 2012

just me, and the kids

just me, and the kids by lovelydesign
Just another average weekday. Puttering around the house, tidying up, giving the kids snacks, placing orders for supplies online, looking for a gift for Charles. Nursing Reid on and off while I browse online. Pasta dinner ingredients laid out on the kitchen counter, ready to go. Just counting down to six o'clock.

Addie emerged from kindergarten with an sore throbbing ear. She's on Tylenol now and seems much better. I'm hoping her ear heals and doesn't infect and rupture like last time. When she screamed all night in pain.

She is happily colouring christmas cards for her classmates. But then, she's upset at me because I wrote out "Merry Christmas" for her and she thought it said "Merry Chris4mas" and wrote that in all of her cards. All sealed neatly in a stack on the kitchen table. She's crying with this failure.

To distract her from her upset I told her I'd trim her bangs which were falling hopelessly into her eyes while she moaned at me about the 4. I sat her up on the bathroom counter, grabbed my sewing shears and started to trim. Now she's laughing and wiggling in agony of the tickling. Somehow I manage not to jab her.

Reid came into the bathroom and moaned to sit up on the counter with Addie, too. I sat him up with us. This made him so happy that he's snorting with joy.

I was looking at my two children, with my face reflected in the mirror in between them. I wanted to capture this moment of us, together, as we almost always are.

On another ordinary day, just me and the kids.