Monday, September 17, 2012

and the winners are...

neighbourhood swings by lovelydesign

A big thank-you to everyone who entered my giveaway for Julie Morstad's lovely new book "The Swing". I greatly appreciate all of you for taking the time to send your thoughtful words and messages!

And the winners, chosen by random selection are:

1. daisy said...
Beautiful book and a lovely post. Makes me want to swing.

2. Erin M. said...
Those are beautiful photos of her and her swing. Sounds like a fun neighborhood. There was awhile when my son (albeit much younger) wanted to hug each tree he passed on our walks. It wasn't that easy to get home from the park with any speed.

3. Norma said...
Oh wow. Our little town doesn't have any homemade swings to try out when we walk. What a great idea!!! Cute book too.

Congratulations to the three winners! If you haven't heard from me yet, please contact me.

We love the book "The Swing" so much, and I highly recommend it for any child (or admirer of lovely books and beautiful illustrations). If you'd like to pick up a copy for yourself, it is available now online or - and it is currently available for pre-order through as well.

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Swing

Addie has reached that point in childhood where her one of her very favourite things is to do is to swing. Luckily for her, the neighborhood we moved to this past winter seems to have at least one or two homemade swings up on every block. We will often spend our afternoons walking and discovering new swings. Addie is very enthusiastic about trying and critiquing each and every one, and by this time she definitely has her favourites. Many times I will have to walk strategically if I ever want to get anywhere!

Here is Addie on her very favourite swing of all... (so far!)

Partly because of Addie's current affection for swinging, and partly because Julie Morstad is one of my very favourite artists, I knew the very instant I saw her new book that I would just love it! "The Swing" is full of Julie's beautiful illustrated interpretations of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic poem, and it is so beautiful. Perfect for any child.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

last day of summer

I have been meaning to be sure and take photographs of my sweet Adelaide on her last day of summer. For in the morning, she starts Kindergarten!
She is so ready. I am so not ready. For the past couple of weeks, I've been waking up in the random wee hours, my heart racing, gripped in a nonsensical panic. I feel as though the most amazing and magical time of my life - these years spent being with my little daughter - are drawing to a close.

My heart is aching.... not for her, for I am so proud and excited for her. But for me! I have always thought of myself as her teacher and had many soft-focused visions of homeschooling, but it's just not what she wants. Addie is the type of kid who adores school - going to school, learning, making and being with friends, helping her teacher and classmates. She's been talking of and waiting for this day for years. I could never keep her from her dreams.

But, I have realised that learning doesn't only happen on school days during school hours. And that even if my daughter wants to go off to school, it doesn't mean that I won't be her teacher anymore. I intend to (try to) have the best of both worlds for her, supporting our local school and homeschooling her still - in all of the other hours.

I intend on always being Addie's teacher.

(...Even though my heart is still aching.)

UPDATE: Addie and I did great! We love her new teacher who is warm, professional, believes in having the children learning out-of-doors as much as possible, believes that learning is a teacher-parent partnership, and obviously adores children. Not one tear was even shed (by either of us) and Addie can't wait to go back today. YAY!