Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Reid's colours

the painted man by lovelydesign
I realised with a start the other day that my baby Reid has somehow turned into a full-fledged toddler (!) and I need to get it together already and change the way I've been thinking of him and treating him. He is normally an exceptionally laid-back and independent little fellow who is great at keeping himself busy. It had become my habit to focus more on doing projects with his older sister Addie, and I am somewhat ashamed to write that I often just kind of keep Reid on the back-burner. He is now sixteen months old, and it pains me that I feel like I still haven't fine-tuned the art of parenting (up to my own expectations) both him and Addie at the same time. One day, I hope somehow to get there.

After writing the other day - and taking long looks at the photo with his big huge tears... I realised that it is actually me that needs to adapt to things. It is me who needs to help Reid, by giving him lots of ways to discover all of the things he can do... rather then knowing all too well so many things he can't.

So I've set out this week to set up simple little projects and areas in and around our house that are ready for Reid to explore and discover. I am attempting to stretch my brain back to rethink a lot of things that are so simple and mundane to me, but can be fascinating adventures to a little 1 year old.

Project no.1073 = paints and the mixing of colours! What seems so trivial to me was absolutely amazing to Reid! I only dragged out and cleaned one of Addie's crusty old watercolour trays by running it under warm water - and then I let him go at it. I gave him a small brush and a medium brush, and poured a teaspoon or two of water into a few circles of colour at a time. Actually, initially I gave him paper to make marks on, too - but I found that he just tossed the paper aside and focused on mixing colours up. What fun!

Reid sat mixing with his paints for over 45 minutes, utterly enchanted. I couldn't even break through to him he was so focused on his work. He was completely satisfied by his endeavor... and he didn't even eat the paint!

I love these photographs that I caught of him, in this moment. And the results of his mixed up paint set.... To me, Reid's colours are just beautiful.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Poor Elliot.

I've been noticing more and more that my cat Elliot has been slowing down. The other day I noticed that Elliot hesitated before he struggled to hop off of the couch, and then his rear legs creaked and caught and shook when he stretched his body out across the rug. No one is sure of Elliot's exact age (as he was a rescued cat) but seeing his body beginning to creak with arthritis caused me to wonder.. and realise that he is at least eleven or twelve years old now, perhaps older.

adelaide and elliot. by lovelydesign

Elliot has been around since before anyone - anyone being my partner Charles, those pesky kids Adelaide and Reid, and even that other cat Jack. At one time, it was just me and him spending quality time together our tiny one room apartment. I do get the impression very often that poor Elliot is just biding his time, waiting it out. Waiting patiently for the day when all those others are GONE and it's just me and him again... and he won't have to tolerate anyone's love other than his mama's.

Oh, poor Elliot.

Saturday, August 04, 2012


frustration. by lovelydesign
Reid is most usually a happy and laid-back little guy, but he has reached a stage where he does get  frustrated at times. He knows what he wants but he can't really explain himself or do everything that he wants to do... and he is always is into everything and he always wants to do everything!

Here he is now, extremely upset, because I stopped him from eating paint. He was so upset at this that he threw himself on the patio floor and just shrieked. It was very funny - but we try not to laugh at him and sympathize and just love him - his upsets may seem silly to us, but they are really very upsetting to him!

Of course, about a minute later he was up and at it again, happy as could be. And now a funny thing is that he loves this photograph - he laughs and laughs at it. He just seems to see a photo of Addie and him together, but not the tears. He adores Addie and frankly, I don't blame him. We all do.