Monday, February 27, 2012

one by one (plop plop plop)

one by one (plop plop plop) by lovelydesign

Reid is now 11 months old, and these days he is absolutely fascinated with books. But not in the way one would ordinarily assume - in their stories and beautiful images. And of cuddling up with mom or dad and sinking into a magical storytime together. Nope - Reid is fascinated with the mechanics of books - how they pull off of a shelf (plop, plop, plop) How they open up, how the spines move and turn the pages. How the stack-stack-stack up ever so nicely. Reid spends huge amounts of his day investigating these important things.

It seems to me that Reid takes in the world differently than this older sister did. He is a scientific investigator - constantly breaking things down and analyzing them, over and over again, his tiny fingers flying over moving pages and other cranks and buttons. I am fascinated by him, and I love sitting back and watching his brain whirring away - breaking things down and begin to understand the mechanics of the world around him.

And - my oh my is he a sweetheart! See that look on his face, right there? That look pretty much sums him right up. Pure sweetness.... I am one lucky lady! Spent my whole life looking for my dream guy and finally settled for his father. (Love you, Charles!) Who ever knew my dream guy would be my little son... no one ever told me this.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

making valentines, making home

valentines day by lovelydesign
Today is our first Valentines Day together in our new home. It's been a rough move - I ended up coming down with Pneumonia and let me tell you Pneumonia is no fun in the middle of a mid-January move with two little kids hanging off of you.

But things are beginning to settle in slowly, and little by little this place is beginning to feel like our own (and less like we are squatting in someone else's house!)

I got Addie started early on making Valentines for the kids in her preschool class. Most of our supplies are still packed away and I've been a bit fried, so I just set her up with loads of hand-cut paper and fabric hearts in all sizes, glitter glue, and bits of ribbon and washi tape and let her go at it. She is one enthusiastic maker and happily went at it here and there all week pumping out valentines. We packed them up in glassine pockets with a few sweet stickers and an organic lollipop.

I hope that Addie will carry this love of making her entire life. I have a feeling that she will.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Five years old (today)

Five years old (today) by lovelydesign
When you wake up sun will shine.
We will not go under any cloud.
Let balloons go up in town,
ring out every bell...

Oh, undeserved sweetness and light,
stay by my side.
We will go out in the morning now,
a crown of maple leaves, a crown of flowers
circling your sweet head.

Happy birthday, beautiful,
in the streets of this day
play a song, play a song.

Today my sweet girl Adelaide turns five-years-old, and I've been tearing up all day long.

This birthday has been hitting me hard. I can't shake knowing that my baby is no longer a baby but a kid, growing up and away, faster and faster each day. Somehow I wish I could grab hold of the sweetest moments that we have had together - and bottle them up for to have once again, whenever I need them the most.

But I know that this will never be so, and today, I keep on sniffling away. I miss her already.

It is a melancholy happiness.

p.s. The lyrics above are from the song Happy Birthday, by The Innocence Mission. I believe that Karen Peris wrote the song for her little girl and I think it is just wonderful.