Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Poor Elliot.

I've been noticing more and more that my cat Elliot has been slowing down. The other day I noticed that Elliot hesitated before he struggled to hop off of the couch, and then his rear legs creaked and caught and shook when he stretched his body out across the rug. No one is sure of Elliot's exact age (as he was a rescued cat) but seeing his body beginning to creak with arthritis caused me to wonder.. and realise that he is at least eleven or twelve years old now, perhaps older.

adelaide and elliot. by lovelydesign

Elliot has been around since before anyone - anyone being my partner Charles, those pesky kids Adelaide and Reid, and even that other cat Jack. At one time, it was just me and him spending quality time together our tiny one room apartment. I do get the impression very often that poor Elliot is just biding his time, waiting it out. Waiting patiently for the day when all those others are GONE and it's just me and him again... and he won't have to tolerate anyone's love other than his mama's.

Oh, poor Elliot.


Delphine said...

oh, bless sweet elliot! <3

catie said...

elliot is an amazing cat & lucky to be so loved. {though i can tell he is very wise & i have a hunch he knew exactly what he was doing when he picked YOU.} i always adore the photos of him just basking in the glow of your sweet home life.
bless sweet elliot, indeed ♥

l o v e l y d e s i g n said...

Thank you Delphine and Catie, for sharing with me. Please know that Elliot would GREATLY APPRECIATE you both taking to time to send love to him!!!

and Catie, i think that you are right! I remember when I first spotted Elliot in his cage at the animal shelter - he stood right up immediately and looked at me as if to say "ok mom, let's go!"


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John Hahae said...

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Anonymous said...

Your daughter is super gorgeous!! Lucky you! Love seeing her growing up... kisses for elliot too!

Carrie said...

We just lost our oldest cat to diabetes last weekend; he was only 10. He too was around before my other cats, and daughter. Reading this post made me able to think on him with a smile instead of tears for the first time since November 10. Thank you!

Cherish your time with Elliot; although it does not look like he is hurting for love at all! :)