Thursday, October 20, 2011

love that girl

love by lovelydesign

Our house incredibly still and quiet when Adelaide is gone - too much so. It's funny how when Addie is with me, she often drives me crazy with her non-stop nammering and endless enthusiasm. There are moments when I think to myself "my goodness, my brain is going to EXPLODE if I don't have just a minute of quiet here!!!"

But then when Addie is gone - it's as though my heart stops. Listens. Waits.

The other day, I dropped Addie off at preschool and returned home with a sleeping baby strapped to my chest. The house once again was too still and empty, as I padded from room to room, trying to figure out what to try to get done. And then on her desk I found this...

Love that girl.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

little miss milk

little miss milk by lovelydesign

Here is my little miss milk, on her way to a costume birthday party. I was a little concerned because I knew all of the other little girls going to the party are all really quite girlie. I assumed that Addie would be the only girl not dressed like a princess at the party. But when we arrived, there was only one Snow White there, amongst assorted witches, bats, and Transformers. Addie held her own.

Growing up, I had no interest in the stereotypically girlie world - dolls, princesses and the like. I still remember my mom's disappointment that I didn't care for Barbies! I had an older brother for inspiration, and so I spent most of my time running around after him. And playing with my pets. Oh, and I have clear memories of pretending I had a crafting TV show in which I'd show people how to make things.

Adelaide has only lightly dabbled in moments of pink and fairies. I usually steer her away from over marketed girly type things. Truthfully, after years of working in marketing, they kind of freak me out! And I am secretly relieved that she hasn't been overly obsessed with any of these things... (yet!)

But the other day, out of the blue, Addie said to me: "Mama, how come you never let me have any princess things?" and I felt so incredibly guilty! Have I been denying my daughter the joys of discovering her feminine side? Oh my.

And so that very afternoon, we trooped over to the neighbourhood dollar store - our mission: $2 for Addie to pick out any item she desired.... it only had to be something princess. After much searching and deliberating, we left the shop with a pack of fairy crayons - she didn't want the princess ones, after all.