Friday, August 26, 2011

framing up birthdays

The past little while I've been tinkering in my daughter Adelaide's bedroom, moving things around, touching up paint, and just fixing it up in general.

I have a goal to make birthday party invitations for my daughter each year, collecting them all up just for her. I've been wanting to frame these invitations all together for a long while now, and so the other night I took a moment to do it, backing them with a pretty piece of neutral linen book cloth. They will hang all together in her bedroom once I've finished fixing it up, and every few years I plan on moving them to a bigger frame, year by year, until she is grown.

This frame of birthdays is so nostalgic and sweet to me. It makes me feel both happy and melancholy a the same time! My only regret is that as a fried new mom, I never made any birth announcements for her... I would have loved to include it, too.

Friday, August 19, 2011

the rat catcher

the rat catcher by lovelydesign

The other day I was standing in our living room and I saw what looked like a thistle on the floor. I bent down to pick it up, and it was the end of a rat nose with whiskers - snipped right off. There wasn't any other sign off blood or fur, or anything else at all. Clean slate.

Then I looked over and saw this guy, all stretched out and looking rather proud of himself. Gross!

Jack is ALWAYS bringing home us home his nasty treats. One time we found a wounded WOODPECKER (a large male Norther Flicker) sleeping in our bookshelf. Another time I found a completely dried out frog under our couch. One time I actually had to call a professional rat catcher to help me get a rat out of the insides of our oven. (My partner Charles is completely terrified of these things, so I'm always on my own) The ratcatcher showed up at our place, and immediately removed his shoes to catch the rat in his bare feet. (ICK!) I ended up catching the rat, but still had to pay the guy $200!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Elliot, by Adelaide

Elliot by Adelaide by lovelydesign
"Elliot" by Adelaide (4.5 years old)

Miss Adelaide loves painting and has painted almost every day since she was a toddler. She often randomly announces "I need to paint!"

Adelaide is extremely proud of her 'work' and despite the sheer volume of it she will lose her mind if she happens to catch any of her scrawlings in the recycling bin. LOSE HER MIND IN ANGUISH AND DESPAIR!!! Me tossing any of her 'work' must be done under extreme covert tactics.

details of note:
- Elliot's belly button
- black paint up Addie's right nostril.
- Addie always makes her E's with lots of 'stripes'.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

little wing

little wing by lovelydesign
All her friends call her Little Wing
But she flies rings around them all

She comes to town when the children sing

And leaves them feathers if they fall

We found this little guy on front steps the other day, the yellowest bird I have ever seen. He was so beautiful that I couldn't resist taking his photograph. He both fascinates me and makes my heart ache.

This is not the first bird I've found on my steps, but I have finally realised that they are hitting the glass fence which surrounds our garden. (Who designed this anyways!?) I need to research and find the best way to help stop birds from flying into glass... Decals? Do you have any experience with this sort of thing? Do you have any ideas? Please share.