Friday, July 29, 2011

a thousand tiny stitches

My uncertain days with a new baby are beginning to settle down, and I find my thoughts turning more and more to my creative projects, and how I can get to them and balance parenting without making a mess out of both my projects and my children!

When the weather is chilly I always seem to crave the comfort of working on my quilting projects. But this summer, too, has been so cold and grey that I have found myself turning to this work-in-progress quilt. Often, when I can grab a few moments, I will spread it out and stitch even just a few dozen more stitches. I find comfort in this - the repetition of the stitches always seems to calm me.

It is a pleasurable task, but I still find myself wishing that I could just finish this quilt already! I am so looking forward to washing and spreading this baby out on my bed. Despite Adelaide's insistence that this quilt is hers - this one is for me!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

along for the ride

I am so in love with this little baby - he has stolen my heart! Reid has a lovely and sweet disposition which I find so charming, and am ever so grateful for.

Although, I have to admit, he did kick me in the butt the first little while - my goodness! I had somehow forgotten how much work little babies can be. But those first many days of big ups and downs have faded into a new life together and once again I find myself loving being a mom and these days together with my two little ones.

The funny thing about this photograph (above) of Reid, is that Adelaide was driving me crazy when I was trying to take it. She was dancing all around Reid's head all hyper and crazy-like. Totally getting on my nerves! But it was because of her and her antics that I got this wonderful shot - Reid is looking up and smiling at her. I have to try and remember this - to accept my daughter more. And to take deep breaths, and try to be more patient.

Mostly, Reid just loves being with us. Whatever projects or adventures Adelaide and I get up to, Reid is always with us, too, happiest just to be along for the ride.

Both Adelaide and I refer to Reid as "our baby", and he truly is.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

learning to just let go

I have found that one of the most marvelous aspects of motherhood, is how it forces me to just let go.

I hope that I can remember this, and always carry it with me - what my babies have taught to me:

That a life lived simply is a life full of peace, and calm, and joy.

- - - - -

It took my cat Elliot about 6 months before he would even go in the same room as Adelaide when she was a baby. This time around with Reid, the love was immediate. Elliot has learned where the sweet stuff is! And if Reid ever struggles or cries, both of my cats come running to find me, their eyes huge with concern. They are my baby whisperers.

- - - - -

As an after thought, I only now just realised that my baby boy is surrounded in lovely hand-made things in these photographs. Isn't it true, that items that are made with love and care are the most beautiful and become the most loved and cherished?

The white, red, and blue quilt Reid is lying on is a quilt which I made for my daughter. I have begun the "twin" to it for Reid now as well. I am fortunate to have a lovely knitter next-door-neighbour, and she hand knit Reid's beautiful sweater just for him - lucky boy! And, many years ago, my friend Megan made my baby-to-be this lovely little green baby blanket. It ended up becoming my daughter's favourite blanket and was oh-so-well-used and well-loved. Now Reid is loving this special little blanket, too.

Elliot loves anything lovely and handmade and will cuddle up with these blankets specifically, any chance he can get... and my cat Jack adores bathing Reid's beautiful hand-knit sweater! I have a theory that pets can pick up the love + care vibes in wonderful handmade things, and they are drawn to them. Just like us.