Friday, June 03, 2011

little old ladies

For the past several weeks, my daughter Adelaide has been quizzing me daily on our future together.

"Mama, will we always be friends?"
"Even when we're old ladies with grey hair - will we still be together?"
"Mama, will I always be with you?"
"When we're little old ladies, can we make quilts together, all day long?"

In my heart I know that my little girl will grow up and away from me, and find her own place in this world. And I love teaching her, showing her, and encouraging her to do so, a little bit more and more away from me each day. I so look forward to witnessing who she will become and all that she can accomplish.

But I must admit that the thought of Addie and I - still together as little grey-haired old ladies, collaborating on quilts all day long - is a little guilty pleasure!