Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a making place

Most afternoons, Adelaide will shut the door to her bedroom and take some time on her own to just make things - She says that she is doing her "work". I have set up a little table for her here, on top of which are rotated a selection of crafty materials - coloured pencils, paper, tapes and glues, stickers, little collage bits. I am happy to tidy and refresh the items every week or so, just for her.

The other day, I snuck in and took a few photographs of her at her work. As always, she completely ignored me and carried on, intent on her doings. She will only ever pause to request a specific item, perhaps a paper plate, or a bit of yarn. I am always enchanted by this, loving to stand back and witness her focus and creative intensity.

I often joke to friends - if they comment on Adelaide's focus and love of creating - that being an Artist is not an option in our house, and Addie knows that she must make stuff, or move on! Because Charles and I both work from our small home, making our living from our art, every day our daughter has been surrounded by art and creative projects. Often I wonder how this - if at all - will effect who she will become when she is all grown up. Will she carry creativity with her throughout her life? Will it become a vocation, a past time, a hobby, or nothing at all to her?

Addie is only four years old, so who can even know where her life will take her. But I am so curious to see who this little girl will become.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

settling in

These days have alternated between extremely trying moments and oh-so-lovely moments. I've been working on finding and settling us into a new routine, now that I am mostly on my own with my two little ones. I feel apprehensive about typing it here, but the past few days have been becoming calmer and more lovely than trying. (Knock on wood!) I feel hopeful and happy.

Last week was so trying, and I was beginning to lose my confidence and beginning to believe that I would have to survive, rather than thrive, as a parent. And then, somehow, (DUH!) I realised that once again, we had gotten into the T.V. watching rut. An active four year old, and a nursing new baby, and constant rainy cold days were really doing it to me! Like clockwork, Adelaide once again changed from a sweet girl to a miserable one, but it still took me many days to realise that the TV was sucking the sweets out of my little girl. So, I've pulled the plug once more, and almost instantly she is back: more co-operative, happy, able to play on her own and create her own projects. And sleeping much better. Wow, it is always amazing to me the difference between my girl on television and not. It's actually quite shocking.

So, I pulled the plug on Sunday, no TV at all, and by today, Thursday, life is pretty good again. (Although, a couple of times, Addie and I have watched a cooking show together. Cooking shows seem to only really inspire both Adelaide and I to get crafty in the kitchen, which is a good thing!)

And, my little Reid... sometimes I feel like I barely know this little guy! He is very serious and mellow and very sweet and very gassy! I've really had to watch for him, moniter his latch, watch my diet, burp him constantly, massage him, listen to him grunt and groan for hours. Adelaide was never gassy at all, so this is all new to me. I am a little concerned about his digestion, and am hoping that it will settle down with some time. Poor little man.

But today, I am hopeful, and I am happy.