Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the littles

the littles by lovelydesign
It is incredible to me, to witness these two and their relationship. I am constantly amazed at how much Reid adores his big sister. He gets so frustrated because he just wants to do everything she does! I am also amazed at Adelaide's capacity to be wild for her little brother... after all, he did turn her world inside out and upside down. But no, this is a reciprocated love.

I must admit, however, that I am often concerned that Addie may break her little brother in two - she is very enthusiastic in her affections!

It took many months, but things have really settled down with the three of us. It now feels like we have always been together.

As we should be.

Because of these two little ones, my heart and my world know the sweetest of loves. I will always be eternally grateful to them, for this.


Suz said...

Your blog is beautiful - very honest and sweet!

Anne-Marie said...

And do you know what? It will get even better as they grow own five would die for each other....even though they've tried to strangle each other many times, over the years....haaaa!

Joey said...

Oh they are sooo sweet! Reid reminds me so much of my little guy at that age, wide eyed, intense interest in everything around him. We call him "Me Too Me Too!" Always has to do whatever his sister is doing! He's coming up to 7 years old and his sister is 2 years ahead of him, the love they share is so special to watch!

Lynda said...

Sharilyn, I don't read many so-called 'mommy blogs,' as they're usually just way too cutesy and syrupy-sweet for my taste. Your blog, however, is such a fantastic design blog, and I absolutely LOVE reading about you and your family.

I've been taken with you and Addie ever since I first read about you providing her with art supplies and the space to create as she saw fit. Now that Reid is here, it's been truly heartwarming to see the natural relationship between the two of them develop so organically and delightfully.

I send you the very best of wishes, and hold you in my thoughts, you and your lovely, loving family.

inkala images said...

you truly have such adorable babies!

Ingrid x

K said...

I'm on the fence about a second child, but these photos and your words melted me just a little in the right direction!

Paulina said...

I love this pictures! :)

Judith + Robin said...

so, so sweet.

Bobby said...

Adorable is the word. Very cute!

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I wish to have babies like those, they look so beautiful together smiling each other, it shows us that they have a perfect relationship.