Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Addie's list

Lately, Adelaide and I have had a lot of time to lie around together and make plans.

One of our many plans is to try and hand-make all of our gifts from now on. And so together we've been spending a lot of time planning and plotting our christmas presents. What could we make for - - - ? What about - - - - ? We've been scouring children's craft books and googling for more ideas, trying to figure out just what we could make for our presents.

So far, we've yet to actually take any action on this - but the planning is quite fun! Adelaide adores this type of conversation so much. She really gets so excited about it all, and never seems to tire of the subject.

The other evening when I said we should make some lists, she ran to the art room and came back with a random sheet of cardboard, so that she could write her own list. While I was jotting down on my paper, she began her own, asking me how to spell each name that came to her. (Her printing is getting quite good, but still needs help with a some letters - such as M and R and S.)

What I found interesting is that while I wrote our a list made up of people - relatives, neighbours, and friends - Adelaide's list was composed only and entirely pets!

I love it and I think that I will keep it forever. It reads: Teddy, Thomas, Tex, Elliot, Jack, Miso, Tecal, Jasmine, Ming, Otto, Maddie.

So the next little while we will try to find ideas for and make little presents for the truly important ones - our many animal friends.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

first days

Yesterday I took my daughter Addie to her first day of preschool. She's been talking about and asking to go to preschool every single day for months and months. I finally got off my procrastinating butt and enrolled her. She did very well - a little bit too well!

I wasn't really expecting a three year old to want so strongly to go to school. I guess... that she's ready, but I kind of am not. It's actually quite hard for me to type this without tearing up. It is a menancholy happiness.

I took these photographs of Addie just before we left for her school, and it was really hard to capture one where she wasn't wiggling and dancing around so excitedly! When we got to school, she skipped on in and got right to it. I stayed and hung around for the whole class (feeling kind of silly) but just wanting to make sure she would be ok. She was.

This past week I have been feeling, and hoping, to begin to get back on my feet. The past several months have been filled with many moments of joy and anticipation, but also filled with so much sickness and frustration. I have been struggling every day with the severe morning sickness, and I really wouldn't wish this on anyone. I am now over 12 weeks pregnant, and hoping that maybe I will begin to feel a bit better in the coming month.

And so, we are expecting another little one to come to us this coming spring. And sending wishes out into the universe for this baby to be healthy and strong. For the birth to go smoothly and safely. And for all to be well.