Saturday, August 28, 2010

mini gallery

The other day I was distracted on my computer, and my little daughter Adelaide kept coming up to me and asking for tape. Again and again, tape. Tape, please, Mama! (I love it when she calls me that... Mama.)

When it eventually occurred to me that perhaps I should be curious as to what she is up to, I went and saw that she had begun her own little gallery in the hall. She was very occupied, busy hanging selections of her 'work'.

Once so blank, this is a now very happy wall. I have left her free to add or take away, taping up what her latest creations, or perhaps a little something catches her whimsy. Nothing fancy, often just a simple scribble upon a scrap of paper.

I am blessed to have a happy, happy child. She is always able to find such joy in so little. This little girl has brought such wonder and life and light and happiness into my life, and every day I am so grateful to her, for giving this to me.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

in between days

Here are some photographs from these in between days..
The past little while I've been quite sick, and so Adelaide and I have been spending a lot of time cuddled up in bed together reading stories, doing activity books, and drawing pictures. I'm surprised and in awe of how well she has been handling me not being very well - Thank goodness she has reached an age where I can explain things to her, and that more and more she also enjoys time to herself.
As much as possible, I've also been trying to get as many orders together and out from my big shop run, a couple of weeks ago now (where did the time go?!). I appologise for any delays, but now I am almost done. Thank you to everyone - for ordering - and for your patience!

Our cats Jack and Elliot - of course - are thrilled with my lack of health and are extremely supportive of me staying home all day and being in bed for much of it.

They are also always supportive of my creative projects, offering companionship, monitering my progress, watching over of my work space, and offering me lovely photographic opportunities, too!

To me, cats make the best studio-mates.