Friday, April 30, 2010

our miniature garden

I used to be bothered by a small gap which ran all along the steps of our stoop. The gap was only a couple of inches wide, but in places very deep. This careless flaw irked me, and I often imagined a little foot, hand, or treasure eventually becoming stuck in the crack.

Last summer Adelaide and I spent about a month together, planting a miniature garden in the bothersome gap. A little bit here and there we chiseled and dug it out a bit more, sweeping and clearing away carefully like a couple of archaeologists. Once our task was done we traveled by bus to our favourite garden centre, where we were reassurred that our choice in vegetation - chicks and hens - would last the cold winters of our Canadian mountain. Together we then carefully selected our favourite little babies, loading then up in our stroller for the journey home. Several bus trips and transplants later, we had our miniature garden, running along each of the 11 steps to our front door. A pretty little solution to the possibility of a trapped toe!

I am so pleased that our babies have survived the winter (although it was mild) and they are thriving! Adelaide and I have now begun to clear out the opposite side of the stairway, in preparation of continuing our miniature garden. The gap on this side is much smaller and less irksome, but I am hoping that these magical little plants would love to call this place their home.

Friday, April 16, 2010


The past few weeks all I have wanted to do is hang out with my kid. Adelaide seems to have reached this wonderful stage of her childhood and she is so much fun to be with. The sun has also returned and we continue on our day-long expeditions all over the city.
But even though I am having the best times of my life, every so often I feel a bit guilty for enjoying this all so much. It seems that out there in media-land there is so much about the misery of parenthood and every so often I begin to wonder if there may be something wrong with me.
But every single day I am aware of my happiness, and understand that it may be fleeting. I am thankful for this time in my life, that I love being a mama, and that my daughter is happy and healthy. And I send a silent wish out into the world, that maybe just one more mama might have what I am so blessed to have, too.
And a lovely weekend, to you all.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

good morning house

Every so often a morning comes when I am too exhausted to get out of bed. (Most often this occurs when I've worked into the wee hours) Sometimes when this happens, I will strongly inform Adelaide that she can either cuddle in bed with me, or go play on her own. Most times she will bring her basket of blocks to bed and she plays so earnestly and builds so elaborately that it's not long before she has me playing, too.

Addie makes the most elaborate and wonderful houses from these simple blocks, often using every single one of them. Her houses inspire me very much.

Here is from this morning... By time it was all built, I was fully awake and both of us were ready to go make breakfast.


I found these blocks over a year ago now from a little shop on Pender street in Chinatown, Vancouver - for $1.99 a set of 20 or so. I am sorry but I don't have the name or address - my recollection is hazy by now. I bought them for me thinking that I'd just set them up on a shelf because I think that they are so pretty and cute, but then it turned out that Adelaide loves them and plays with them all of the time. I ended up going back and picking up 5 or 6 more sets, because at that price, I couldn't resist. I have seen similar vintage ones around the internet every so often, but never these exact sets.

Adelaide's collection of wooden people and animals are mostly from Daiso in Richmond (Vancouver area) or from this well-loved yet simple little dollhouse set.