Saturday, January 23, 2010

always another masterpiece

It is very late, but I am awake, and alert. Listening carefully for my little daughter through the dark. Her heavy, labored breathing and horrible coughing. I've spent most of the last night, this day, and this night just holding her, singing softly to her, rubbing her back and kissing her damp brow. Trying all sorts of tricks to try and get her to drink something. Maybe eat just a little bit. And wishing and hoping with all of my heart that she soon be well again.

It's been several weeks of this now, first me, now her. We've been spending an awful lot of time in the house together. For times like these I've learned to keep a box full of simple children's projects tucked away. This box can mean the difference between a dreary day and a brilliant one! And so, one at a time, I've been pulling out all sorts of happy tricks...

Perhaps there may be some paints, special felt brushes, gummed sitcky shapes. Playdoh. Rolls of coloured paper tickets (with which she makes her careful marks on, and delivers to various mailboxes about the house). Chalk, and chalkboards. Wooden bead sets to make necklaces with. Sticker books. Kumon workbooks. Sweet building blocks. She carefully constucts herself beautiful houses and gardens of blocks, and then she will inform me that I live there with her, too. The two of us, together for always.

This little girl makes my heart just ache.

Friday, January 22, 2010

a pattern for january

Here for you now is my first pattern for the new year, and the month of January. This pattern was a long time coming, but I hope that you like it and will make some nice things with it. When making it I was inspired by alpine adventures, triangles, a fading hope for snow, the bright turquoise sky outside my window, and the dark chocolate hot almond milk I've been making myself and Addie each morning.

If you wish, you may download a full page of it here:


You can print it out, and make lots of nice things. Perhaps make up some paper boxes to store teeny tools or tiny treasures. Or wrap up some recycled tin cans to make some simple but nice storage spots. Wrap all around a tin with a lid, slice a slot in the top, and save up all of the pennies you find this year. Or wrap a damaged or unattractive book so that it will look pretty on your shelf.

Or collect all of the patterns up, one from each month and save them for the perfect project - I will try to download another pattern every month.

I sincerely hope you like my patterns very much, and that you can find many projects for them!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

back at it, and better homes

Every year after Christmas I am left with the knowledge that I never, ever, want to make and sell anything ever again! This has lasted with me for the traditional couple of weeks but now, and now once again I have begun to feel mellowed and am easing myself back into working whenever I can get a chance.

Saturdays are my day off while Adelaide visits with her Grandparents, and so I get to... work! But it feels good. To be here, in studio on a grey and drizzly day, puttering around, tidying up, making up address files and card packs and packing orders. And I honestly feel like right now, at this moment, there is no place I'd rather be.

I am taking a little break from making stuff here, and so I thought it would be nice to say hello to all of you once again. Hi! How are you doing? I hope that you all had marvelous holidays and a even more marvelous Season of Sloth!

I myself did quite well - for I have been given the best christmas present a mom could ever get - Adelaide suddenly has begun sleeping heavily all night long, without so much as a peep! Wow, I was absolutely giddy as I just typed that. Now, if only I could start sleeping through the night things would be just about perfect.

I have been wanting to share with you all that our family home is featured in the current (January) issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. Here are some photos of the magazine article.

The team that was here did a few minor switches of moving a book or chair here or there, but it is difficult to stage scenarios with a toddler and two cats, and so the photos with us in them are pretty realistic. (We have no make-up or special wardrobes on, just what we happened to be wearing.) Adelaide was pretty shy and was a little bit sick on the first day of shooting. Elliot was in heaven and would just lie himself smack dab in the middle of every shot (except when we wanted him to). And Jack never even showed his even face once. Most of the time if the photographer - Bill Holt - saw us doing something he liked, he would just grab his camera and quickly take some photographs while he had the chance!

But I think that the team who worked on the feature did a wonderful job of showing how things are around our place and it is lovely to have a memento of this time in our lives together, forever.