Wednesday, March 03, 2010

a winner

Our week has flown by so quickly, but here I will now find a winner for my recent giveway of a shiny new copy of the wonderful children's book Zoe and the Fawn. Thank you to everyone who has visited me and for your comments!

And the Winner is: Shelese!

Oh my goodness! This book would be so perfect for my best friend and her little daughter. Her little girl is named Zoe. She is about 9 months old, and has a heart defect. She is so special because ever since we were little my friend told me that she was going to name her first little girl Zoe. Zoe had to undergo some serious heart surgeries immediately after birth, and hopefully only has to do one more. We looked up what her name means, and it means "Life". It is the perfect name because she originally didn't have a very good chance of living. Now, things are looking a bit more optomistic! Even if you don't chose to give me/her this book I would so love to know the author's name so I can try to track it down myself. Thank you so much for always being so generous!

Well, I don't think that I could ask for a more beautiful match for this sweet little book. Shelese, if you haven't already received my message, please contact me!

If you are interested in finding a copy of Zoe and the Fawn for yourself or your little ones, here are the details now:

Zoe and the Fawn, written by Catherine Jameson with illustrations by Julie Flett. Published by: Thetus books, ISBN-10: 189477843X, ISBN-13: 978-1894778435.

I have also found a few copies available here:

Thetus Books (Publisher)

And, to all of you, thank you all so very much for visiting me and leaving such sweet comments. Receiving and reading each and every one of them is such a joy, for this I thank you.



dust in the wind said...

A perfect winner, indeed :)

dustin @

Norma said...

oh that is the perfect match for that book!!

Shidah said...

The book must be destined for her. Congrats!

Lindsay said...

Just a suggestion for a new source of entertainment for your little honey bun - there's a fab website called (perhaps you've heard of it?) It's very educational and entertaining - it's non-commercial so no noisy ads and music, just lots of fun things to click and do and discover. It's perfect for a three-year-old, my little boy loves it.

Julie said...

Most definitely a perfect match!

shelese said...
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shelese said...

Yay! I am thrilled that you picked me! Thank you so much! I appreciate it a lot! If anyone wants to see pictures of the little cutie you can check out her mamma's blog at

kirsten said...

I'm glad that's who you chose. We're on our way to purchase this book right now. Thanks so much for the suggestion. Our children are the same age (Adelaide was my girl name but was blessed with a little boy, Logan) so if I come across some good reads, I'll be sure to let you know.

Molly said...

Yes, a perfect winner! I think I'm going to have to track down a copy of that book for myself. It looks beautiful.

inkala images said...

A deserving winner of such a generous gift.

And such a gorgeous photo in your previous post...a moment of joy captured for ever.

Ingrid x

365DoT said...

Hi Sharilyn,

I just wanted to say that I was very happy to read this post and your original post about Zoe and the Fawn.

I'm proudly the printer [Everbest Canada rep. for Everbest Printing Co Ltd] of the lovely book.

I just wanted to mention that the publisher is Theytus Books

Love your blog and everything you have at your store.

Doris [work] [personal]