Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I am running around here like a crazy lady right now. I am trying to finish up so many things in preparation before our winter holidays. I have just closed down most of my online store - just a few items remain available, but they will all ship after christmas, most likely in the new year. I will have my journey and pocket books available then, too.

It is such a relief, getting all of these many little things done. Big Sigh.

One of the last things for me to do is find the winners for the "To make a tree quilt giveaway" Here the random generator goes again...

And the winners are: Emily, Cassandra, and Sue!

emily said...
I would love to create this tree quilt - maybe in time for our child's first winter!

Cassandra said....
Hey Sharilyn! I was just thinking of doing a project like this! I am SO SO SO excited! I hope I win! Yeah, these little trees would be so comforting down in Florida and would make me feel more at reminds me SO much of Canada! Yay!!

Sue said...
I love your tree quilt. I live in the Adirondack Mountains and to me it is an every day of the year quilt since I love pine trees of all sorts. Today I am snowed in literally, it is snowing like crazy and I can't go anywhere (kinda a nice feeling). I would love to be a winner, I love your choices of fabric. Thanks!

Emily, Cassandra, and Sue, if you haven't heard from me already, please send me an email with your addresses and I will send your little green packages out to you.

I may be away from this place for a little while, so please have yourselves all a sweet and lovely, warm and cozy christmas-time. Be safe, and be sure to take care of yourself, your friends and loved ones, and perhaps even a few strangers, too.

xo sharilyn

Saturday, December 05, 2009

a little forest quilt

Several weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely ladies of Purl to see if I would be interested in collaborating with them. They had spotted my always-a-work-in-progess tree quilt, and wanted to complete a project and free tutorial based off my design. Of course it was such an honour for me to agree!
Page and Joelle have now posted their completed Lovely Little Forest Quilt project, along with a journal, pattern, and tutorial on their Purl Bee Blog. The little quilt that they have created makes me happy, and I hope that you will love as well!

Are you thinking of making a Little Forest Quilt, too? I have put together a few special packages, filled with a variety of green and brown fabric cut from my own stash. With each package you will be able to make at least 30 tree squares - more than enough to make the beautiful Purl Bee quilt. (Or you can keep on adding trees and make a larger quilt, as I plan on doing.) With each kit I have also included print-outs of the little tree square instructions, and links to the online Purl Bee project journal. (You will need to supply a few materials yourself, including white background fabric, and sewing supplies.)

This contest has now ended. A big thank-you to everyone who entered and left comments!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

a pattern for december

Here for you now is my pattern I've made for December, I was inspired by the grey afternoons just outside my window, the few brown and crimson leaves still clinging to the bare trees, and the hope in my heart for snow to come.

If you wish, you can download a larger size of it here:


You can print it out, and make lots of nice things. Perhaps many pretty little paper stars for your tree, or to make some paper house lanterns to sit along your window sill. Or to print, fold, and create a pretty paper wreath with which to welcome good friends to your home. Or perhaps print them onto sticker paper or card stock and make labels and tags for your christmas gifts.

Or, collect them up, one from each month and save them for the perfect project - I try to download another pattern every month.

And, thank you once again for visiting me here in this place!

xo sharilyn