Monday, November 30, 2009

for a dark day

The days have been so incredibly dark and grey lately, and because of this much of the time I find it difficult to take photographs. But today I was putting together all of the many pages of many books, and I found myself cheered up by these little papers. I cut them from old exercise book covers to be placed inside of old little glassine envelopes which will line the pages of my notebooks.

While preparing them I had this nice thought visit me: That perhaps someday, somehow, these bright little bits will find their way to someone else out there who is experiencing a dark day, just like I have been. And give them a little bit of cheer, too.

I do hope so.

Will you help me? I will be binding up book covers over the next few days, and I am hoping for some assistance in deciding which colours to choose this time around. It is always interesting to me which hues people prefer best at different seasons of the year, and how this varies or changes from year to year.

Which colour would you choose?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

a little bit of heaven

We've been co-sleeping ever since Adelaide was a month old and - utterly exhausted - I finally threw away all those baby books, listened to my heart, and tucked my sobbing, hysterical baby (who never wanted to be put down, ever) in bed with me. And Addie and have slept side by side cozily and happily every night since.

Recently, however, Adelaide has been growing rather long. Her habit of sleeping sideways across the bed - with her feet in my face - is starting to get to me! And so we have decided to try and find her her a bed of her very own.

We took a trip to Ikea, but the toddler beds we saw there just weren't for us. A quick look online showed us that we didn't want to spend a huge amount of money on a designer toddler bed. So we decided to drag Adelaide's old (brand-new) crib mattress up from storage and we just plopped it down alongside our bed. It's a good spot - Addie and I can hold hands when we fall asleep, and in case of bad dreams she can still crawl in with me, if she really needs.

It's been getting really cold lately, and I was having trouble finding a nice and warm blanket for her. I have this aversion to polyester bedding, or wrapping up my kid in synthetic fibers - they just don't feel good to me. After much internal debate, I have finally caved and bought a down duvet for Adelaide. I looked online and on ebay and called all around but was discouraged at the price tags when I found them at Quilts, Etc for quite a bit less than price of other shops, as they are made locally right near our house.

After I brought the duvet home, I quickly sewed up a cover for it out of wonderfully soft and warm pink flannel with polka dots. The fabric is "Be Merry by My Mind's Eye" from Riley Blake Designs. I measured and put together my own basic pattern, but you can find many patterns online to make your own as well. I double-folded all the seams over so that it is sturdier and I don't have to worry about it fraying. I also didn't bother with any buttons or snaps to close the duvet together, but just left a small 14" or so opening a the bottom and it works just fine. I think that a lovely down duvet and cover would make a wonderful gift for any toddler or child... Adelaide's new duvet really is a little bit of heaven!

Now Addie loves her little bed, and insists on tucking in her dolls and showing it off to everyone who comes to visit us. So if you happen to drop by, please don't mind when she drags you upstairs and insists that you try out her new bed!

Friday, November 20, 2009

beautiful sleep

Today, for the first time in many weeks, Adelaide took a nap.

To me, Adelaide's naps are the most beautiful of all her sleeps. In the light of the afternoon I can see her well, and just how beautiful and sweet and full of peace she can be. Elliot will be the happiest guy around because he'll get to snuggle right in her. And when Addie wakes up from a nap, she is the most charming little person you will ever meet. But best of all, I get an hour or two of time all for my very own... Naps are fantastic things!

Well, since Adelaide suddenly stopped napping several weeks ago, I've become a little frazzled. I didn't realise how important this time has become to me. Suddenly - and without any warning - I don't have those precious few moments a day to catch up on all those many mounting emails, or to put together some goods, or to work on some ideas, package up some orders, or even simply tidy up my studio a little bit. Suddenly, I have found myself without my best personal assistant ever: a little bit of uninterrupted, quiet, solo time!

Each and every time this parenthood thing seems to get a little bit easy to me and I find myself thinking: "Oh, this is great! A piece of cake! I can do this, and I can do it well! And, run my business, too... no sweat!" My little daughter will pick my vibe, and she will switch it all right up. She will get sick. Or start waking up at 6 am. Or refusing to go to bed (or nap). Or maybe she will just need to be held all day long, for no apparent reason at all. Instantly, she will toss me right back on my butt into a much humbler place. Where I belong!

But - today - my little girl napped. Once more. Perhaps for the last time ever. And it was marvelous.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

back in stock!

I've (finally) made it through my lengthy waitlist, and am very happy to have my black walnut address files available (while supplies last) in my little shop once again! Each of these files has been handcrafted with much love and care from sustainable and responsibly harvested wood and materials, and comes filled with 24 alphabet dividers and 200 beautiful cards in assorted colours and designs. Each card is cut from repurposed + recycled paper, or is a print of a pattern of my own design.

I also only have only about 2 or 3 of my light wood maple address files left in stock (but I have removed them from my online store), but I will also have more available in January or approximate. If you are wanting to purchase a maple address file please send me an email to sharilyn AT lovelydesign DOT com.

These days I am also putting together another edition of Journey and Pocket books, and they should be available in the next couple of weeks. Please let me know if you wish to have one for yourself or to give as christmas gifts, and I will reserve one (or more) for you.

Thanks for visiting me, everyone!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

a november pattern for you

Lately I've been making up lots of patterns. My goal is to make up a selection of pretty, yet simple designs which I can use in my own projects. I've found that making patterns sort of soothing and meditative to me - kind of like quilting by hand. And they are time-consuming, too!

I create my patterns using Adobe Illustrator. I draw simple shapes such as dots, hearts, or stars, and add in any colours which are inspiring me at that particular moment. Then I copy, paste, rotate and reflect away.

I thought that it would be fun to make a new pattern for every month to share with you. Here is my first for the month of November, I was inspired by the colours just outside my window. you may download it here:


You can print it out, and make lots of nice things. Perhaps a little bit for some christmas cards for your friends, to make spice labels or book labels or such, for scrapbooking, or in collages. Perhaps wrap a small gift for a good friend. Or can print it out on to card stock and make up some nice little gift tags or gift cards. Or collect them up, one from each month and save them for the perfect project - I will try to download another pattern every month.

I sincerely hope you like my patterns very much, and that you can find them useful!

Friday, November 06, 2009


Our bed is a little boat. This boat is our home, and we sail all of the oceans upon it together.

Every so often we dock at land and Adelaide must spring ashore to quickly gather acorns and blocks for our supper.

Sometimes a storm will come, and we must prepare the ship. We bunker down, and hold on with all of our might!

Ours is a very cozy boat. Where shall we sail away to next?