Sunday, July 26, 2009

evening strolls

Ever since Adelaide was very little we've taken her out in the evenings for a bedtime stroll - this really seems to help her fall asleep and is always a nice way to wind down the day together. And we always find lots of treasures along the way - perhaps some pretty pebbles, or pinecones, or yummy berries to eat.

The other evening Adelaide found herself a little snail and she fell in love. She picked him up carefully, examined him from every angle, and then, inspiration struck! She ran to her buggy, carefully tucked the tiny snail inside, and strapped and buckled him in. And then she attempted to push him all the way home. Her baby.

I have been attempting to get more exercise. I am struggling with this as every spare moment I have, I work. So on our evening walks - and any other time - I try to move even a little bit more. I run and run after Adelaide, lift and spin her all around and around, and try to show her all about jumping jacks. Over and over again...

I realise that my small efforts aren't doing incredibly much for my overall health, and I must look like such a fool! However, I have discovered a really great benefit to these energetic bursts - I have been sleeping so much better!

finding friends by you.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

dots + winners

Here I have a lot of paper dots, which are the leftover remnants from my address file card cuttings. They're so pretty that I can't bear to throw them away, but after all these years I still haven't thought of anything to do with them, and now I have boxes and boxes full!

Perhaps they would be good for someone who does a lot of collage, or art with paper. Each is tiny, about 1cm, or 3/8" in diameter. Do you have any ideas of what I could do with them? Could you use them? If so I will send you a boxful!

dots by you.

And, thank you to everyone of my past customers who entered the giveaway for my spring-summer 2009 cards. It is so lovely to hear from you all once again, find out who you are, and discover some of your beautiful blogs, too!

Using random generator, I've selected winners for ten packs of cards:

2. cindy : quaint

5. Brooke Reynolds

14. Neon Relish

26. the dipe squad

27. Sheira

33. joanna

35. janet

40. Yellow

45. jessica

63. chicadecanela

Congratulations to you all, I very much hope that you love the new cards and they perk up your old files! If you haven't heard from me already, please send a note to me at sharilyn AT lovelydesign DOT com with your address information so I can get them out to you.

And a big thank-you to you all for keeping in touch!


I took this photo today while Adelaide and Elliot were patiently waiting for me to get into the tub. To me, bubble baths together are the perfect solution to those time I'm feeling a little bit fried, or the long monotonous times when I'm just not sure what to do with Adelaide. Im sure all parents know exactly what I'm taking about!

Elliot rarely ever misses a bath time - it's one of the rare times that he'll actually get out of bed. He really likes to sit on the edge of the tub and every so often have a sip. Adelaide calls it his "tea"!

What do you do with your little ones when you just don't know what to do anymore? I'd love to have more tricks and tips stored away safe in the back of my brain!

Monday, July 13, 2009

taking it easy

The past few months I have been feeling very sick. I am so weary of it. I think that I'm a reasonably healthy person... no smoking, drugs, caffeine or glucosey drinks, only a glass of red wine every so often. Drink lots of fresh lemon water and herbal teas. Eat loads of organic fruits and veggies, rarely meat and when do it's almost always good quality local and organic. Eat lots of whole grains. Walk or hike every day, of course but I could get more exercise - am working on that. Could get better sleep but what mama couldn't? So what's my problem? Why have I been sick so often the past while? Why do I look and feel like I am 5 months pregnant all the time? It is very annoying.

My doctor finally diagnosed me with having a stomach infection due to having contracted Helicobacter pylori bacteria - which apparently is pretty common although I had never heard of it. Despite years of stomach problems, I was so surprised at this - I had thought that I was either really run down, pregnant, anemic or had some sort of thyroid issue - so I didn't really think of or research this bacteria and now suddenly I'm on a rather rigorous antibiotical treatment. Eight huge pills a day, leaving me dizzy, exhausted, and with a going-on-day-seven severe migraine. And a weird rash all over most of my body. I am thankful that I am still nursing Adelaide, because we've been spending a lot of time lately, lying together in the dark.

But, today is my last day of the awful pills! I can only hope that it worked and the bacteria is gone. My god, I hope so. So I can move on and work on building up my stomach with good things.

I am posting this not to simply to whine or for pity, but because I am looking for answers. I am hoping that someone out there might have a little advice on these things. Have you ever had this type of problem? Do you know anything about stomach bacteria, good and bad? Have you ever taken and can recommend a type of probiotic? Where do I go from here?

ps. oh, and! appologies to everyone of my past customers who have entered my giveaway for the card sets. It is so nice to hear from all of you! I haven't forgotten, and will select some winners in the next few days or so. Thank-you for your patience and understanding. xo sharilyn

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

making patterns

Lately I've been making up lots of patterns. I'm had them printed on recycled card stock and cut them into cards as a way to make my address files more nice and more me. (Along with these, my files are still also filled with dozens of other pretty cards, hand-cut from recycled and repurposed papers.)

Here is my first set of card patterns - my goal is to be able to have a new collection every other season or so. I also really hope to start to begin to work with some of my favourite artists and creators to produce sets of their own designed cards - I am just working on the logistics of this, whirring around in my head and on scraps of paper!

spring/summer 2009 cards by you.

Over the years, through making my goods I have met so many amazing and wonderful people - I feel so amazingly lucky to somehow be surrounded by lovely souls. I have no idea if any of my past customers read this blog. I really hope so, because I really want to send some thank-you treats to at least some of you!

So, if you are one of my past customers and have one of my address files, please leave a comment. In a week or so I hope to be able to select some names that I can send a package of my newly designed cards to. I have three sets ready to go, but I can always make more!

+30 by you.