Sunday, May 31, 2009

black walnuts

My black walnut address files were recently delivered to me, and so the past couple of weeks I've been busy making, packaging, and sending them out to the wonderful people on my waitlist. Right now - without having to give up my time with Adelaide, but not without a lot of hard work - I have found that I am able to put together about thirty each month. I hope to make my way through my entire waitlist sometime this Autumn, and then offer them regularly for sale in my online shop. And also then gradually begin to produce some new goods that I've had bopping around in my brain for the longest time. I am a little embarrassed that I haven't been able to release new items in such a long while... but perhaps time and finances will allow for me to do so again in the near future.

for someone (out there) by you.

But, every single day I am so incredibly grateful that I am able to have both of my biggest loves in my life: being a mama, and to be able to create my work as an Artist, too. Even though I have given up opportunities and am holding myself back in many ways work-wise, I have gained so much.

For after many years of sadness, anger, and darkness, my life has become light and bright and it seems to me that have everything to thank to my little daughter for this. I feel that we are both each other's teacher. I am to show her the world, and she is to bring me patience and trust, acceptance, understanding, and love. And I wouldn't give up this time of my life for anything.

ready to go by you.

But, back to the address files! I have two extra of them here that I'd like to give away, one in black walnut and one in maple wood. They do have the tiniest of flaws... the black walnut has a bit of a mis-cut on the bottom of the file, and the maple has a tiny dark knot in the wood on it's top left side. Small imperfections that you probably wouldn't even notice, but I still would not wish to sell them.

Would you like either one of these address files? If so, please leave a comment and I will select two winners in a week or so. I will send my giveaways anywhere in the world, so please do not worry if you live very far away!

This giveaway is now over. Thankyou to everyone who entered!

And, thank you all for reading, and your marvelous support... It means the world to me!

walnuts + maples by you.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

28 months young

28 months young by you.

She tells me many things these days. She announces that she loves mama, daddy, elliot, choo choo trains, drawing, ice cream, yellow. She is always up to read books, go for walks, make drawings. She is always singing. She is constantly on the look for playgrounds. She picks dozens of dandylions and brings them home "For Elliot". She calls Elliot "her baby". She likes to put treasures (pennies, pebbles) in her pockets. She dreams up ideas and shares them with me. She is the most charming person that I have ever met. She is my whole heart.

I am frightened. Everyday I see so much indifference, selfishness, and greed in this world and I see my beautiful bright little girl with her kind heart and sweet soul in the very middle of it. Sometimes I wonder, what have I done? Bringing her to this awful place. I am not sure how to help her to be good and kind yet strong and tough all at once. I am trying to show her all of the love and beauty that is here, to remember that there is still a little good to be had and to be made. I am not sure I have faith in our world anymore, but I will always try to have faith in her.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

so many pockets

Lately I've been foraging, trimming and sorting thousands of pages to make up another edition of my little pocket and bigger journey books. These little books are made with so much love. Each is filled with sixty-five different papers foraged papers from all over the world. Tucked in between them are many different envelopes and pockets, for little treasures to be saved forever in. If you would like one to call your own, they are up for sale in my shop now. They usually don't last long, but I should be making another edition up in the summer or fall as well.

All books are now sold out, but please send me a note if you'd like to order one when I make another edition.

Which colour would you choose? In the past the robins egg and clover green have been the most popular, but so far this time by far the cherry and cream soda have been the favourites - these sorts of things are always interesting to me! 

lovely colours by you.

And speaking of being made with so much love, Adelaide got her hands on a little clementine pocket book and added some of her drawings to the inside front cover. To me, it is the most beautiful book of them all, but obviously it is not for sale! I would like to send it out to someone special, so if you would like it, please leave a comment and I will randomly select a winner in a week or so.

And the winner, chosen by number randomizer is: 

no. 203: hoburger

hoburger said: I think my favorite is the cream soda. it is so bright and cheerful! I would love a giveaway pocketbook thanks adelaide! :)

Thank you to everyone who replied for this giveaway. I will be having more giveaways in the near future, so keep in touch!

made (with love) by Addie and I. by you.

Monday, May 11, 2009

sweet sleep

I have a sneaking suspicion that by time Adelaide is a teenager, I will have dozens of these photographs of her and Elliot sleeping so sweetly together. But I just cannot resist - here is yet another, taken just this afternoon.

Wishing you all the sweetest sleeps.

Thank you for visiting us here in this place!

making drawings

proud by you.
Recently Adelaide has become more and more fascinated in making drawings. The other night while Addie slept I was working away, and I began to notice her marks all over: on the walls, the cabinets and tables, on the floor! These marks can be easily removed with a little cleaning, but I realised that Adelaide needs a work space, too. And so in the quiet and dark I dragged her little table and chair up from downstairs and set up a little desk space of her own, ready with some of her crayons, pencils, papers and notebooks.

adelaide's desk by you.

The next morning when we woke, I showed her Addie's new little work table, and her mouth just fell open in awe! She was so happy, and immediately went to work making her drawings. And when she draws, I am able to get work so much done! She is so proud to make them, and when they are done she always insists that together we hang them up on the wall.

And my walls, they are filled!

perks of parenthood by you.

Friday, May 08, 2009

after life

Almost ten years ago I watched the beautiful Japanese film After Life, and it enchanted me and sparked my imagination so much that I have carried it around with me in my heart ever since. The film is based on interviews with more than 500 people about the one memory they would choose to take with them to heaven. In it, people who have recently died are told that they are to look back at their life and choose only one memory that they can to take along with them into eternity. The process compels people to look back at their lives in its entirety and realise what was truly important.

Ever since I have carried this notion around with me. I would be living my life and suddenly think "Is this it? is this the one time I would keep with me forever?" What memory would I ever take with me to the afterlife? How could I ever choose just one? Would anything ever be perfect enough to keep solely and for always? My thoughts would often turn to this film, how I was living my life, and my memories. And I never was satisfied with myself or able to choose.

But then my daughter Adelaide came to me and without a doubt, no hesitations or regrets, I have made my choice. And I am quite certain that this may never change.

What I want to keep with me for always, forever, and beyond, is simple: Cuddling then drifting off to sleep with my little daughter, her sweet breath gentle upon my cheek. I am already missing these times, and I know full well that they will not last forever.

Today I decided to try and capture this for myself to have for always. 

What would you choose?

together by you.