Monday, March 30, 2009

the happiest chair

Last week I found myself longing for another chair to use while making stuff, and wondering away on where to find a chair. Then, over the weekend on a whim we stopped at a Value Village and we found this old Danish chair for $9.99. It was a little banged up with a hideous 80's pastel faux velvet upholstered cushion, but just perfect for us.

So we brought it home and I cleaned, removed the seat, and wiped down the teak wood using some orange oil furniture polish. I knew exactly which fabric I wanted to re-cover the seat with: some wonderful lollipop flower fabric I picked up from Leslie's A Little Goodness shop some time ago now. It was so quick and easy to do - I just cut a piece with about 2" extra all around the shape of the seat, eyeballing the print to sit nicely. Then I pulled it real tight and stapled it all around on the underside using a staple gun which I borrowed from my Dad.

All cleaned up, our new little chair is feels so very happy to me - I just love looking and sitting on it. Adelaide calls it the POP CHAIR and she really loves it too - perhaps a little too much - for I keep catching her licking the seat cushion!

happiest chair by you.

new mailing labels

My little company lovelydesign has run out of official mailing labels for what seems like forever now. I've been wanting to design more, but have been improvising with my packages in the meantime. Then the other day, I found myself with a little bit of time and decided to make up some new ones, and quick! Here are the results... I am looking forward to sending out lots and lots of packages addressed with them all.

new mailing labels by you.

Monday, March 23, 2009

a rainy monday night

It is a dark and rainy monday night and I just realised: here we are, the three of us, all hanging out together - without even thinking about it -  in our new big family art room. Addie's making drawings together with her daddy and I am cutting and sorting papers for another edition of my pocket books. Even our kitties Jack and Elliot are here with us, supervising.

I feel so happy and content to be here making all together so naturally. It could just be so easy to be all scattered about the house all doing our own separate things. But here we are.

Big family art room. I think it may be coming together... and this life feels so sweet right about now.

Friday, March 20, 2009

the cat mat

room for two by you.

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered an old cat mat in the back of our closet. I was about to throw it out, but on a whim I decided to try and clean it up to see if my boys would like it. And do they ever! Elliot barely ever moves for lying on his cat mat. I had to loosen his collar the other day for the growing-ness of him. Jack, usually mobile, is there mostly, too. Even Adelaide is constantly trying to scramble up on the desk to sit in it.

The past many nights, I haven't been sleeping well - I keep waking up all in the night and just feeling a little off. I kept trying different things such as going to bed a bit earlier and washing up our bedsheets all sweet and lovely with method baby rice milk and mallow laundry stuff. 

But I still couldn't quite figure out what was bugging my sleep, until the other night. Frustrated with again waking up, I stumbled in the dark down the hall to my studio where I discovered the cat mat and my two blissfully sleeping boys, all curled up cozily together and snoring away.

I have finally realised what my sleep has been missing - Elliot! Almost every single night since I brought him home from the SPCA years ago now, he has slept dutifully and wonderfully beside me by my feet. He's a big guy, the type who won't move for anything, and I've gotten so used to the weight of him that now sleep just isn't right without him.

Now I've been trying everything to get him back in my bed, carrying him back and fourth several times each evening. But he just keeps on going back to that darn cat mat. It is kind of old and ratty, so I'm hesitant to just put it in bed along with us. The only thing I haven't done is hide it away again - it feels kind of mean and a little bit like blackmail! 

that cat mat by you.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a good morning quilt

When we woke up this morning, the dim light in our bedroom somehow made the quilt on our bed look very different, and so it inspired me to try and make a quilt like the one that I thought that I had seen.

Over breakfast Addie and I made up some drawings, me trying to capture the faint image still in my head, and Addie trying to capture everything else in her world. I didn't get much of a chance to finish with my thoughts, but here is the result: 

breakfast drawings by you.

It shall be A Good Morning Quilt!

I hope to sew it up one day.

indexing (a winner!)

This afternoon I attempted to take some photos of Adelaide sitting on her new red chair. I found it this weekend at the Village Antiques Mall in Fort Langley for $10, and she was so happy when I brought it home for her! But for me today, she would not sit. She would only flip away through my giveaway address file...

Thank-you so much everyone who left a comment for the giveaway, wow! I often get all these grand ideas of sending a little treat to each and every one of you. But then, I start calculating all of the shipping and... oh well. I will just have to try to have giveaways more often instead.

And, the winner is no. 201... denise!

denise said...
Lovely, lovely!

8:29 AM

Denise, Congratulations! If I haven't already done so, please contact me with your mailing address and I will send you your new address file :)

Everyone, Thank-you SO MUCH for all of your sweet thoughts and well-wishes regarding my creative-time-management-breakdown. I really learned a lot from your suggestions and experiences, and received some great advice which I hadn't even thought of. I truly appreciate you all taking the time to send your thoughts.


Monday, March 09, 2009

a march give-away

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with the small company with whom I will be working with on the re-release of my address files. We went over and approved samples, talked numbers and dates, took a look at their work and discussed my own products and new ideas.

I am so incredibly excited to be able to have my address files, all beautiful, made sustainably, and in both maple and black walnut woods, available again within the next 2-3 months. Right now I am awaiting one more sample from them, and once approved I shall be able to make my address files once more for my wonderful customers!

I will be going through my address files wait-list over the next few weeks, sorting through it and contacting people to check on in with them. If you are wanting to order an address file from me, please send your information to me at Sharilyn AT lovelydesign DOT com!

a march give-away by you.

But this excitement and anticipation also comes with anxiety and fear. I have actually been having nightmares, in which others steal my work and ideas and I helplessly stand by like a fool. And in these dreams when I speak up all I hear is: "It's your own damn fault. You did nothing." 

But how am I ever going to manage? I am so excited and I really am inspired to re-launch my little lovelydesign company fully, with all sorts of new products that I have been dreaming up and working on. I am still setting up my new studio space and it is beginning to feel cozy and inspiring. But without help or resources, I literally can't do this when I have Adelaide with me full-time. There is just no way I can properly do both.

Which left me considering child-care options today. There is a daycare right across the lane from our home, but (of course) it is not cheap and the wait-list is years long. I looked up childcare on craigslist and I felt like I was going to throw-up. I know people do it everyday, but leaving Addie with strangers... I just don't know if I can ever do it. 

It feels so unfair.. that just I can't seem to have both.

But I feel positive and inspired. I will try to find a solution, so I can have both. Maybe I can just work on Saturdays. Maybe I can find a great nanny who will love Addie so much and will take care of her one day a week. I don't know. But I'm gonna try.

a march give-away by you.

I've missed my projects, and blogging the past few weeks, while I try to sort all of these things out, and so this afternoon I decided to have another giveaway here, to thank you all for your amazing support, and to cheer up and give myself a little bit of hope!

For one of you now, I have this address file that I've put together with a hopeful heart. It is practically perfect, except that it is of unfinished maple. I've decided to leave the wood untouched, but if you wish you can rub a little beeswax or such on it. Or you can simply leave it plain, it is kind of nice that way. It is filled with well over 200 (3.5" stacked) hand cut cards, most from recycled stock such as old library cards and ledgers. There are also many patterned cards which I've designed myself and had printed on recycled paper. It is made with a lot of love!

My wish is that it will find its way to a good home. If you would like to have it, please leave me a comment and I will randomly draw a winner in a week or so.

note: If you sign in as anonymous, please leave a name in your comment so I can identify you.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

making time

It is taking so long!

It is amazing to me still, how long it takes me to get non-child things done now that I'm a mama. I have only one generally lovely little girl, and I am absolutely smitten with her, and with motherhood, much more than I would have ever thought is possible. But still getting the chance to do whatever I want, whenever I want, is such a rare luxury and a real treat these days! 

Often when I hear of others doing the simple things solo - such as taking the bus all by themselves - I am struck by their luxury. Wow! All of that time to just sit and relax and not to be in mama-mode - constantly on call: mentally, physically, and spritually - for one little person's needs... amazing! How lucky! A bus ride. Who would've thought that such a thing could be so grand.

I should really take one of those, all by myself, sometime.

So our new big studio / family art room is taking a while. I thought I would have it all done and cozy and ready to have loads of marvelous making done in it over one weekend or so - it's been 3 now - but there is no coziness. I am growing a little disconcerted with this lack of coziness. And the lack of making! 

I really - really - hope to be able to finish setting things all up, and be back making again soon!