Wednesday, October 21, 2009

paper samplers

paper sampler by you.

It's been an intense week, first with Adelaide sick and now me. My stomach is hurting horribly again, and so I've decided to go gluten, dairy, and soy-free for a while to try and clear things up a little. This already seems to be helping me, and after writing this I am headed to our kitchen to feed Addie, sort through our cupboards, and hit up some cookbooks for meal ideas. If you have a favourite dish not based in dairy, soy, or gluten, please share it with me!

But in the meantime, one of the things that I've done is made up stacks of paper samplers. Each sampler is filled with dozens and dozens of scraps from my own paper collections. They are nice for people who like to make things or whom are really fond of little bits of paper. (It's in back of my head to once again delve into my stash to make our christmas cards again this year...)

They are now available in my shop, while supplies last!

paper sampler by you.

from a paper sampler by you.


Abbie said...

Love the fun sampler! I hope you two get to feeling better soon.

Myndi said...

Sorry to hear you guys aren't feeling well! I have a recipe to share, one of my favorite Heidi Swanson recipes. It tastes just as wonderful when you skip the cheese.

Get well soon!

Meredith said...

Best of luck with the new diet. I thought (for about 20 minutes) about doing an elimination diet that would go gluten, soy and dairy free. My inspiration was a book written by some parents at my childrens' school, The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook. There are some great recipes in there. She also has a blog where she posts great recipes -- Way to go for doing it -- you have more discipline than I have!

BB said...

I have another blog for you that is gluten/soy/dairy free:
I hope that helps and that you will feel better soon!

cindy said...

i hope you both feel better!

Roxanne said...

I hope you are both on the up and up soon! I usually use clean eating magazing for yummy recipes. I know they have lots online :)

Tracey said...

Hi Sharilyn! Sending you good thoughts for you both. I had to go on an elimination diet when my daughter was a baby and allergic to everything! My favorite is actually from Rachel Ray whom I don't love but the recipe is good:) I made a lot of soups, rice pasta(just make sure to rinse it well), baked potatoes with garlic/broccoli/olive oil. Here's a good chili recipe too. Good luck!

andrea said...

Hi There, love your blog by the way! I have been sick twice with my daughter this month! I am also celiac, so everything I eat is gluten free, I also avoid soy, and dairy for the most part. Some staples for us around here, which my daughter also loves (she's 13 months)
1. fruit smoothie, I pretty much always use blueberries as the base, then add raspberries, strawberries, and mangos. I use Manitoba Harvest unsweetened Hemp Bliss (usually on sale at Choices) and I add agave syrup for a hint of sweetness, and 1-2 tablespoons of pure flaxseed oil for the omegas. Using frozen fruit gives it a nice crunchy texture. Good immune booster!
2. Soup made from anything in the fridge, yesterday I sauteed I large clove of garlic in olive oil, added butternut squash and sweet potato cubed, 1 celery stalk, tomato sauce, oregano, s+p to taste, enough water to cover contents, boil until all tender. I cooked a small amount of Tinkyada rice pasta separately and rinsed, then added to the soup (rice pasta can get the water really cloudy, so best to cook separately). I don't know if you are vegetarian, but you could add chicken broth (Pacific Soups are gluten free) since you are both getting over being sick.
Good luck, hope you feel better!

Lieve said...

My son was on a wheat, milk, egg, nuts, fish, soj free diet when he was smaller. He can now eat wheat and soj (in small quantities).
I found eliminating wheat/gluten the toughest, because i really like bread, but it's all do-able.

We loved (and still love) quinoia - very tasty and nutricious.
There was also a very nice buckweat pancake mix from 'orgran' - which we made quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

I like a slow-cooked casserole, thickened near the end of cooking with cornflour - usually beef but just veggie is also yummy. I like to put sweet potatoes in as they disintegrate and give it the right consistency. Or chickpea and cauliflower curry with rice boiled in veg stock. Ok, I'm hungry now. Good luck with the diet! I've been diagnosed coeliac since I was 4 months old.

Nayantara said...

I hope you feel better soon. If you like spicy food, there is a lot of Indian cooking that is dairy, soy free. My favourite cookbook is by the author Madhur Jaffrey. She has a couple of books out there, and pretty much any vegetarian dish with beans (or with veggies!) is good to eat I think.
hope you feel better soon

elizabeth said...

Hi there,
I am on that diet - a bit of a pain but well worth it for how much better it makes me feel!
I make this bread once a week -
but I sometimes substitute half the almond meal for buckwheat flour and add some psyllium husks for fibre. That website is great and has a lot of good recipes, too. I am just pregnant with our first, so standing up with all my energy focussed on bread for an hour or so hasn't been a helpful undertaking in terms of morning sickness, so I've been using the 'Orgran' brand alternative grain wholemeal bread mix - it's surprisingly good. Actually, I use a lot of Orgran products, they nearly always work, and don't use preservatives or additives.
Apart from that, a few of our staples are
-roast vegies (it's easy to whip up an 'everything free' gravy by using a dairy free butter substitute, a Gluten free stock mix and some gluten free flour)
-Casseroles - we're vegetarian so we use beans and root veg instead of meat
-Stir fries - we use some organic oyster sauce, sesame oil and a splash of organic gf stock - I'll usually use cabbage, carrot, bean sprouts and brocolli with some nuts on top if you can eat nuts :)
-My freezer is full of soup!! 2 tins of crushed tomatoes, a cup of GF stock, a tin of lentils and any vegies you want is a pretty failsafe recipe - serve it with brown rice or on it's own.
-And we do pasta ocassionally - I find the Orgran vegetable and rice, or the buckwheat pasta is less gluggy than the straight rice pasta. In case you're not a vegetarian, I'll mention that my sister, on the same diet and with two kids, does a spaghetti bolognese that the kids gobble up and it doesn't have any of those allergens in it - an easy tweaking I think. The other thing I know her kids love is vegie patties - I have to admit we do them sometimes too and they satisfy the child in me no end. Skin and boil some potatoes and pumpkin, mash it up, add some grated zucchini, season with salt and pepper, shape into patties and fry them in the pan with a splash of olive oil till they go brown. Good with salad or peas for the kids.
-We do salads a lot too - tons of rocket and baby spinach with roasted pumpkin and pine nuts or dukkah on top.
-If you make your own, or have a look at an organic store, you should be able to find felafel mix that's Gluten soy and dairy free - most hommus is, but check the packet. I love middle eastern food and miss it the most out of everything, so often for if we're having people over we'll get dolmades, cook up some felafel and mujadara, a tabouli with pine nuts instead of bourgal wheat, some antipasto and a few middle eastern dips.....a delicious, relatively easy, and great social sharing meal.
-Risotto is good if you have the time - just substitute with GF stock instead of conventional.

Anyway I'm rambling.

You have a beautiful blog and shop. Hope you start to feel better soon!! xx

Cara said...

I know all about cutting things out as my husband is vegan, so I sympathise! I second the earlier comment about Indian food being a great way to avoid dairy/soy/wheat. One of my favourite, easy and non-spicy dishes is Coconut Dhal - cook red lentils in stock till done; fry up some sliced onion with chopped garlic, chopped ginger and curry powder, then add onion mixture to lentils, pour in coconut milk and heat through. Serve with fresh coriander (and reserve some onion for garnish, if desired). If you love coconut, you can make it richer by cooking the lentils in coconut milk or a creamed coconut/stock mix.

Love the blog and shop, by the way!

Anonymous said...

I recommend tuna and chicken salads. Make sure to check the ingredients on your mayo though to make sure it lacks dairy like yogurt or cream. Traditional mayo is not dairy.

I like to add curry to my chicken salad. Instead of using bread for a sandwich, eat on salad greens.

Of course, fish or chicken with rice and veggies makes for a great healthy meal as well. I usually just bake or saute my fish and chicken with salt and pepper, but there are any myriad of seasonings to choose from.

Then there is the staple of rice and beans, which is nice with ham or sausage...don't know if you're veggie or vegan, but lose the meat if so. Also, if vegan, mayo is made from eggs so that won't work.

Jenifir said...

Your blog truly is lovely and I love all of your designs. I also find your observations of your life with your daughter bring back warm memories as my youngest is now eight. Our family has lived with many of the dietary restrictions you are discovering and have found some interesting foods on the journey. We love Indian food and have found many o f Madhur Jaffrey's recipes easy and satisfying. So far, my favourite pasta as been GoGo Quionoa's Fusilli and while I have made my own baking mixes, you cannot go wrong with Bob's Red Mill GF baking mix. I am also anaphylactic to eggs so have found vegan cookbooks helpful. I am especially impressed with the newly published "Baby Cakes". I have a few recipes linked in my blog that are inherently gluten and dairy free or with my substituions. Like most things in life, the challenges are often offer the most interest and opportunities. Thank-you for sharing your studio too!

Dotty said...

A good substitute for milk in cooking is coconut milk (use it thinned). My favourite non-dairy/soy/gluten recipes are: coconut milk based curries, chili, soups, and stews, fried rice (use thai fish sauce instead of soy sauce). I prefer corn pasta over wheat pasta. If you desperately need carbs, try Panne Rizo in Kits.

Kate said...

Gluten Free Treats:

Great to make with kids. My 4 year old daughter loves these!

This is really delicious. I actually use real eggs to make it.(And regular vanilla).

You are walking down a cobbled street in Poland. A little old lady wrapped in a shawl motions to you.
She invites you in and hands you a cup of strong tea and this:

(The rosemary makes it very earthy and old world tasting. Kids don't love it so much...)

Feel better soon

Anonymous said...

















Anonymous said...

I did an elimination diet last year after awful stomach pains...made me feel SO much better. I've remained wheat free since. Here are my favorite go-to spots for new recipe ideas: Epicurious (has lots of options in advanced search), Best wishes + enjoy!

J said...

"Love Soup" is my new favorite cookbook; I highly recommend it for the variety and healthful recipes. I'm also celiac and dairy intolerant, and have had no issue with any of the soups I've tried so far.

sara said...

guh! can't believe i missed this! :(

i just emailed you about address card files, though! i better stay on top of your blog from now on!

beautiful, as ever.

surola said...

this samples of paper are very fun!!!!
i want this papers!!!!i like it!

Rita said...

I love these and also love all about paper. I've opened a little store in Portugal,, check it out and tell me what do you think : )

Best wishes, Rita.