Saturday, October 03, 2009

perfect boxes + drawer dividers

Every so often I will find myself in need of a particular size of box which I don't have and can't find. After years of this, I finally took a little bit of time and figured out a way to make simple yet sturdy boxes. They can be made in any size at all, so now whenever I find myself short of a perfect sized box, I just whip one up!

I make my boxes with thick millboard and bookcloth, but you can use any sturdy cardboard and paper. You can make lids for your boxes if you'd like as well. I make my own vintage map covered boxes for my Far Away Mail Sets this way, too. I recommend using Ross or Staples brand glue sticks for gluing, as I have found that they hold well and work great.

making perfect boxes by you.

I have made up a pattern and instructions if you'd like to make some of your own boxes, too! because this is one of the first sets of instructions that I have ever put together, please let me know if you try them out - how it goes and if you have any thoughts on how I could make it better:

perfect box instructions.pdf

Another nice thing that I've been doing with these homemade boxes recently is making perfect drawer organisers.

It often drives me crazy, not having appropriately sized boxes to hold items that I used over and over again. I finally decided to start making my own. For example, I made perfect sized boxes to hold all of my rolodex cards and that also fit perfectly into my cabinet drawers. Now I have the perfect place to hold the cards, and when I'm working with them I can simply slide the boxes I need from the drawer, and place them back in when I'm done. It is so satisfying.

my card divider drawer by you.

When we moved into our house, I set aside a low drawer in the kitchen just for Adelaide. This is where we store all her own kitchen-items such as dishes, cups, and cutlery. Because the drawer is low, it is easy for her to reach. She loves to help me unload the dishwasher, and she seems to find much satisfaction in putting away and managing her own little things.

As I use this drawer over and over every single day, I make an extra effort to try to keep it a nice and tidy. However, this doesn't always work. It kind of bugs me when I open it up and things have slid all over (or someone else has just dumped items in any which way). I had been keeping an eye out for some appropriate drawer dividers, but never found any the right sizes for our drawer. Plus I found most of them pretty ugly, especially for a little girl's drawer.

a lovely drawer by you.

Finally, I decided to make Adelaide some pretty drawer dividers for her special drawer. To do so, I arranged all the items in her drawer functionally, and measured all the space that each type of item would need. I measured out how high the boxes would be, and started in by making one box, placing it in the drawer, than the next, then the next (to make sure the measurements would work out) I made 7 boxes in all, and lined their bottoms simply with a few cut out paper towels which I can replace easily if they get messy. These boxes all fit together perfectly in the drawer, and it is so satisfying to open up it and have it so pretty and organised!

Adelaide's kitchen drawer by you.

Best of all, Adelaide is so so proud of her own little drawer. I am hoping to show and teach her - by example - how good and easy it can be to keep things nice and neat - she loves it!

ps. All of Adelaide's ceramic dishes - including the divided plates - are from Daiso. I love that even though they are beautiful and not plastic, they were only $2 each, so I never worry about them being chipped or broken (which is surprisingly rare anyways). Her cups and sippy tops are made by Tupperware. And I finally found her some nice, cute, and non-cartoon cutlery from Pottery Barn Kids.


RisaJ said...

thank you so much for the template!!

Geninne said...

Love the boxes! Thank you so much for your generosity Sharilyn :) Addie's drawer is amazing.

lily said...

you must be reading minds!! i've been racking my brain trying to find how to store all of my paper pieces/scraps... THANK YOU!!! : )

m said...

Thank you for these beautiful instructions. It's such a nice solution.

Tiffany said...

Wow, these look so professional :) Your home must be so beautiful, organised and colourful! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

Siew said...

This is fabulous! Everything you do comes off with such flair and clean lines.

sally said...

Fantastic boxes!! I am going to make some drawer dividers! Thank you, Sharilyn!!

Joyce said...

Hi Sharilyn, just downloaded file and it's 9:27pm and I am off to start making my first box! Happy happies.

Tiffany said...

your boxes are so perfect! thank you for posting this because i run into the same problem alot as well. when i wrap gifts i like the boxes to be really cute or perfect squares to fit around the gift. a few months ago i ran into this problem when i was wrapping embroidered hankerchiefs all the boxes in stores were too deep so i made me own out of heavy paper, but i hadnt had the idea to do it out of millboard. Thank you!

karyn said...

thank you! can't wait to start making perfectly sized boxes.

iva yaneva said...

this is wonderful! I've always had in mind that I can make my own boxes but never really got to do it. But now, seeing your wonderfully organized drawers I am definitely going to try it out:) thanks for the tutorial! :)

Yvonne said...

This is great Sharilyn!! Thank you so much for sharing. As I have a chest of drawers I use for card storing I always use IKEA boxes without the lit but this is so much more fun. It's such a delight to open a pretty organized drawer or closet. So happy to know there are people out there who also like this :o)

sarah b. said...

lovely! definitely a template i'll be putting to good use. thanks so much!

pebbledash said...

Wow, thanks for sharing this. Can't wait to make some. Lovely post...

RosaMaría said...

your'e right: that's a perfect box! so pretty!! thanks to much for sharing!

Sarah said...

Awesome. Makes me want to organize every drawer in my house. Thanks for putting the instructions together.

Silvia Falqueto said...

Wow, Sharilyn, thanks! I was looking for some drawer dividers too, these boxes sounds perfect. Addie's drawer is very nice, too.

Joyce said...

made three of them so far! Happy happies.

Shalini said...

this is just so wonderful... thanks so much sharing dear... cant wait to try them out...
also, could you pls tell me what is millboard paper also known as... i am in India and the stationery guy doesnt seem to knw what it is...

pls do visit!!!

thepowerofme said...

what a great idea! I love your plates too, I am wishing we had a daiso now too. I will have to send my sister or brother.

thepowerofme said...

Yes! found there online store!

Chandra said...

I loved the template, thank you so much for your generousity! Also, thanks for the tip on the cutlery and plates...I have a pet peeve about adorable children's serving ware that is filled with cartoon and trendy themes (which soon look outdated). Awesome!

MLS said...

Want, want, want the divided plates - and cannot locate them!!! The online store does not have them listed. Where, oh where, can I purchase these simple and perfect plates?

Adelaide seems to be a sweet and precious little girl... all due to her fine upbringing. Sweetness.

Dotty said...

I love Daiso, too! I buy chopstick cases to hold my double pointed needles. And they have the best lingerie bags (for the washing machine).

nameeee here!? said...

lovely blog ♥

thifani said...

loved it! =)

madame craft said...

Fanstatic !! this are beatiful boxes thank you so much it is a perfect template, you are very kind.

Rose said...

I'm in the midst of reorganizing my home office, and this is just what I needed to make some boxes. THANK YOU!!

Every time I see a glimpse of your home, it is so lovely and clean! I'm so impressed by your aesthetic. What an inspiration you are.

Sandrine Deleuze said...

THis is such a great tutorial ! thank you soooo much for the template !! I'm sooooo happy now I will be able to solve drawers mess/troubles !!! Thank you SO much !!!! Smooches to you and Adelaide

Helen said...

amazing! I love the idea so much, especially the special drawer for little A. my lil one is always asking for her special "kitty cat" plate or "pink cup", I'll have to find a drawer for her and use your template to try this out. will let you know when following the tutorial. thanks so much!

Barbie said...

What a beautiful, perfect drawer for your daughter. My kitchen is drawer deficient, but I will definitely bookmark this idea for the future. Love it. Thanks for sharing!

Alison Keddy said...

I love this idea :) After reading your post I made a tissue box cover in fuchsia for my desk at work and it was gorgeous if I do say so myself. Then I made several little boxes to fit inside a nice wooden tray I had to organize my jewelry. Thanks!

l o v e l y d e s i g n said...

HI Everyone, thanks so much for your comments! I hope that my instructions make sense and that you've all been able to make perfect sized boxes...

Shalini: Hmmm I'm not sure what millboard would be called in India, the only other thing I've seen it called is bookboard. But really, you can use any sturdy cardboard at all!

thepowerofme: yes, not everyone is a fan of Daiso, but I LOVE it, and am constantly discovering wonderful little treasures there. Its somewhat amazing to me that there are not more of these stores out there. I am lucky to have one nearby. Thanks for the link!!!

Chandra: I know, I can't stand cheaply made tacky stuff. I don't see the cutlery on the pottery barn website, but i bought it in store and its fantastic. She will use it for a long time.

MLS: i'm sorry! I believe that the dishes were labeled "breakfast trays" perhaps that may help?

Dotty: oh! I will have to check out the lingerie bags at Daiso now too!

julia said...

Love, love, love

Lilly said...

Thank you for sharing the instructions. I have covered boxes before and always had to fold the paper at the corners and it does not look as clean as I would like. The indication to cut a triangle at the union of the flaps is genius. I will be covering some boxes soon.

art4friends said...

oh wonderful!! thank you so much for this! you have no idea how much time and money this will save me!!!!!

also, just found your blog, so I am off to explore the rest!!

Renee xxx

chicadecanela said...

I love this idea and i love the sweetnes of your little girl´s kitchen drawer. She is one happy child indeed!

Glamour Girl said...

Such a Great idea !!!! Very Cute love it !!

J said...

Question: in step 10, it seems that making only 4 cuts in the fabric would make it difficult to get flaps a and b to fold properly over the edge and in the inside corners. I haven't tried it yet - am I overthinking this?

KimberlyGrommes said...

This is awesome! So many times I've gone looking for good boxes and have just found myself completely uninspired by the options (or unwilling to pay the price). I will absolutely be making some of these! Thank you so much for the wonderful site and tutorial!

elana said...

just made this for my daughter who *needed* a jewelry box. i just used regular fabric that she picked out. thanks for the template...we love the box!

Opal said...

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the lovely template and tutorial! I featured this today on my blog.

Mandy said...

Where do you find the millboard? I have been searching and searching but can't find any :(

Anonymous said...

Your box instructions are beautifully organized and illustrated, as much so as the boxes themselves! Thank you.

Allen Smith said...

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Room Divider nyc said...

Very nice idea.. I like it.. The style and the color was very beautiful. Keep it up.

custom boxes said...

Beneficial for them. They start to learn thing sin that stage.

Ελευθερία said...

loove it!!! thank you for the instructions and inspiration!!!!

Mark Rowan said...

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Kim Jones said...

i bought my drawer organiser but yours is much more creative!

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