Saturday, September 12, 2009

second editions

I am happy to once more have my Beautiful Leaves of Canada and Beautiful Conifers of Canada Posters available in my online shop again. Each of these prints is part of a limited (2nd) edition run of 200, and was researched, written, designed, and hand-screened with much love.

Each print if filled with one dozen life-sized pinecones or leaves, along with a silhouette of the tree they belong to, and several interesting facts of each specimen as well.

They are shipped flat and - (if you wish) - frame up perfectly in Ikea Ribba frames, too.

I very much hope that you like them!

beautiful conifers of canada by you.

beautiful leaves of canada by you.

second editions by you.


ines said...

yay! I just love these posters and look forward to hanging the leaves poster on my wall! Thanks

Casey said...

oh my goodness, i have been waiting for these! i just ordered the pine cone one, and now i have to decide, to i hang it up in my soon to be little boy's nursery, or keep it for myself, and hang it up somewhere else in the house?! oh, the decisions. love your work!

gini said...

I Love the blUe one!beautifUL work!

annie said...

I love these but do wonder if it is completely dorky to hang them up in my house since I don't live in Canada... I'm in Vermont though, so that's close!

miranda said...

yay! i too have been waiting for the reissue of the pinecone poster and was super excited to see this update. :-) just ordered mine and i can't wait to see it!

kate said...

whooho! i'm so happy they are in stock again. i just ordered the leaves poster to keep my pinecone poster company! (i love it so)

Kate said...

Oh how wonderful! I have been keeping an eye on these and decided to order the set. Can't wait for them to arrive - just hope people won't be too confused by my hanging posters of Canadian leaves and conifers on my walls in Northern Ireland!

phyllis said...

just placed my order for the set! can't wait to get these on my walls :)

Vicky said...

I love

melissa said...

oh, these are so beautiful. i love them both!!

Jenny said...

Ahhhhh! I've waited for these for so long. Just ordered these and I can't wait for them to get here.. thank you! They're beautiful and they remind me of home. :)

Petit Filoux said...

Hi! I've just found your blog after reading up someone else's who had won one of your giveaways. I was wondering if you still had any of those address files for sale? They are quite wonderful!

Chelsey said...

Hi I found your blog recently and really love it! I have a question for you.. what design program do you use to make your daughters invites? I'm really wanting to get something just for personal use (to make invites and stuff like that for my own daughter) and have no idea where to start. I am so lost when it comes to this stuff! If I am staring new should I get a program with both Illustrator and Indesign or just one or another? You seem to share a lot on your blog so I thought I might as well just ask :)

Thanks so much - Chelsey

Anonymous said...

















Lisa said...

To anyone who is admiring these beautiful prints - the colour is more fabulous and the paper quality and texture is just that so lovely - oh and the way that they are so lovingly packages...well what can I say other than thank you so much!