Thursday, September 10, 2009

goodmorning, daddy!

Many mornings Adelaide wakes up and wants to see her daddy. Poor Charles, he is one of the most mellow and laid back guys I've ever known, but not when it comes to the mornings - he really really needs his space. So much, that he has his own bedroom.

And now, he has this wonderful little girl who adores him. And she cannot at all comprehend that daddy needs his space each and every morning. She loves to see him first thing. Banging on his door, yelling away, DADDY!!! DADDY!!! YOU HOME? DAAAA-DDDDDYYYYY!!!

I can see Charles is absolutely pushed to his very limit on these mornings. He loves his daughter more than anything in this world. It's fascinating to me (and nerve-racking) to witness him catching himself. He is holding himself back with every single bit of his might.

My little daughter, once again, is attempting to tame the beast.

It's amazing to me, what our children do to us. This little girl makes me want to be better. Better with a driving, crazed, determined force like never before. Sometimes, deep inside of me, I worry of failing her. But nothing, nothing, makes me try, like her.


CRAFtando said...

Really really sweet!
Congratulations for your sweet daughter and for seeing the world this way!

mrs.adrienneK said...

such a sweet post!!!

kirsten said...

We have the opposite husband is normally gone wayyyy before we wake up. On the days that he is home with us, he is so excited to fetch our little guy from his crib and bring him up for a cuddle. Instead he gets "NO DADDY!! MOOMMMYYYYY!!!"

Christine--RHP said...

Amazing, isn't it? How flexible we really can be when inspired.
they really are our greatest teachers.

wendy said...

what a sweet post. i can just imagine adelaide pounding away on daddy's door, completely irresistible. she is so cute. you make me excited about motherhood!

tara said...

I am Mummy to two little ones of my own, and that photo and your words made my chest tighten with the love that I have for my boys, and filled my heart with the hope that I can do them proud.

Thank you.

Summer said...

i've never posted here before, but your sweet post inspired me. I, too, have a little girl (2 1/2 years old) & an occasionally grumpy hub. They are good for each other...and for me! I regularly read your blog & find it very soothing & kind-hearted. thank you & keep up the good work! ~Summer

Rose said...

So sweet! Isn't it amazing how our children push us to our limits in many different ways?

leslie said...

Sweet post! And I agree with Christine. . .our kids certainly are our best teachers!

kathe said...

31 years later, my daughter is STILL the one who gets me to dance on my toes. Where would we be without these blessed creatures that raise the bar??

gini said...

bonjour from the moutains of south france! i Love Love love ur bLog!
ur little girL is so cute! i've a boy too and im Loving being a mama at home!
taLk soOn

gyllengul said...

She will change the World, I know.

gini said...

oh and my husband is very bad with morning and as we're co-sleeping he get like a grumpy bear everymorning!so maybe i sd talk him into sleeping in another room! haha more space in the bed for me!!!

Teresa said...

She is precious. Your words have me chills.

natasha said...

That picture is ridiculously adorable, I can hardly handle it.

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Eve said...

awww...this is so sweet!~