Wednesday, September 30, 2009

do paintings, mommy

This girl loves to paint. She is very serious about it! She has made her paintings every single day for months and months - she even insisted on bringing along her paints with us camping this summer, so that she could paint happily in the bushes. And she has her little painting spots set up and all ready to go in several locations around our house... you never know when the urge may strike!

focus by you.

Our small house is beginning to get a little crowded, but the other day I found a beautiful old vintage easel at a thrift shop for $8. I couldn't resist and so I brought it home. So the other afternoon I took some time to set up her lovely new easel. I loaded it up with nice papers, paints, brushes, and fresh water.

Then, without even a blink, she dragged out an old beat up ikea step stool. She carefully set it up, and plopped on down on it school desk style. She got right to work...with her own self-selected painting supplies.

My lovingly prepared easel... ignored!

Perhaps, it will be only just for me.

makeshift desk by you.


carol b said...

Isn't it lovely when they are spirited enough to make their own choices.
My daughter is also starting to want to paint more often now, thanks for inspiring me to set up her paints ready for whenever the creative urge strikes.

Georgine said...

I love that your daughter is creative enough to use the step stool as a desk! I would have never thought it could work that way. And I love her palette!

mrs.adrienneK said...

LOVE these pictures!! and her little doll in the last picture is so cute!where is it from?

Siew said...

I love the concentration on her face. You can see she is so engrossed in her painting. Ah to be so uncluttered that you can focus like that.

Christine--RHP said...

well, with two such amazing creative parents, it's no wonder!!

Polly R said...

So cute!
That step stool does look like it's made for her!!

Catherine Hansen Peart said...

So cute. My little boy eats meals sitting on that stool the same way.

cindy said...

she is such a dedicated artist. one day she just might look up a discover the easel. it's sweet, anyway. jackson pollack didn't seem to need one for his greatest work ;).

Angela said...

This comment in in regard to your post on making Children's notebooks.
Is there office supply type stores where you can buy librarian's tape for the book binding or if you have to order it online.

Thanks for all the great posts. Love, love, love all of your ideas.

Emi said...

Your daughter is simply too precious. She looks absolutely darling, sitting there, so serious, with her paintings.

Maribeth said...

I have found that my children have very independent minds as well! Often times, their solutions are better than mine anyway.

Rowan said...

It's so nice to see her growing up with creativity so naturally a part of her life. It makes me want to get out my paints and play, too!

jen said...

Precious...enjoy every second of it.

Sandrine Deleuze said...

ahahahahahahah kids are really funny ! She's soooo cute and has a great sense of creativity... as her mother ;-)

Julia said...

Hi Sharilyn,
This is the grad student you met out by Renaissance that one time :) I came up and said Hi and commented on how much I love your blog!
This is too cute!~ Keep the posts coming, they really brighten my day and also make me excited to become a mom one day too...
Childeren are such gifts.
Hope you are doing well, and hope to run into you again sometime!~

Anonymous said...

that's so neat how she used the stool as a desk (we have the same beat up ikea stool and i have never seen it as a desk) oh to see the world through a child's eyes again...

Rose said...

Have you tried moving the easel outside? My son paints Jackson Pollack style so I generally set up painting outside so he doesn't splatter the walls, furniture, floor, curtains, books....He likes being outside, too.

Also, I'm curious what kind of paints you give Adelaide to paint with. Is it "kid" paint or art store paint?

snow white said...

That is so adorable.

l o v e l y d e s i g n said...

Thanks for visiting me and for your lovely comments everyone!!

Georgine: I never would have thought of it, either! I love it how it never ever occured to me, and she just plopped down on the stool like the desk that it is.

mrs.adrienneK: The doll is a Corolle doll, her name is Coraline. She is well made, beautiful, and not white! These dolls are not cheap but worth it if you want to buy one doll and not five.

Angela: One place I know which you can order librarian's tape from is here: Good luck!

Julia: it was so nice to meet you that time! I hope we run into each other again :)

Rose: Yes, we have tried it outside, but i think what it is is that Adelaide is too short for it yet. I will try again next spring when the weather turns lovely - it is so nice to paint outside! Adelaide has all sorts of paints, both adult and kids. But it's nice to have kids because it usually cleans up easier and doesn't stain. I bought a set of Crayolla washable kids paint (10 count) the other day and I really like it.

Rose said...

Ah yes. We have those Crayola paints, too. I recognize the little bottles there in the easel. The washability on those IS great, but those little jars are a pain in the derriere. Wish they came in tubes or something.

Anonymous said...

















Thea said...

Too cute. I love how independent the little miss is.

Opal said...