Friday, April 17, 2009

a treasure box

This afternoon while Addie naps, I have been finishing up assembling another edition of my Pocket and Journey books. I am now sticking some little treasures throughout the pages of each of the books, for their new owners to find and hopefully be inspired by. For example, I am adding some vintage stamps to each book. I love my little box of vintage postage stamps and thought you might, too.

One of my very favourite things to do is to visit old stamp collecting shops. My very favourite is Chantou International on Fraser street in Vancouver - pretty much right smack dab in the middle of the Punjabi Market. The shop is stacked high and low with all sorts of tidbits, and I can always find some neat and inexpensive little treasures there not to be found anywhere else. Each visit always leaves me feeling happy and satisfied.

Unfortunately, most of these little shops seem to be dying off - a victim of the internet and of changing times, I suppose. Every time I go to visit Chantou International I hold my breath to see if it is still there.

If you'd like to find a similar little shop in your town, I've found the best way to find them is to look in the yellow pages under "stamp collecting". Quick, before they are all gone!

treasures by you.


Mal* said...

What lovely, colorful stamps and images! I wouldn't have expected it from stamps! (Just showing my ignorance...)

natasha said...

I like your blog.

Megan said...

I love these photos! I think it's all the colors together in one place. Instead of collecting stamps I've been finding favorite photos of stamps like these! Its my way of still "finding" cool stamps to look at that I might not otherwise see.So pretty.

Marina said...

After reading your post, I just had a quick rummage through my craft paper bag, looking for my old stamps. I have a pile just like yours! In fact, you see your Bulgarian ones (especially the one with the rocket ship)? I have one from the same series, with a train and I also have one that matches your butterfly series :) I love small connections like this!

TrippleJN said...

Thank you for the helpful tip...I will look in our phone book!

I love your box of stamps.


travelingmama said...

Who would have thought there were so many amazing images waiting to be found? They will make a wonderful addition to your books!

Jenifir said...

Your post reminds me of my childhood stamp collecting. The exposure to design and other cultures has really stayed with me. I know what you mean about little shops: Neighborhood fabric stores and other specialty stores and even clothing and hardware store are now just part of memory. When I find them I try to bring my children but I am afraid that they will not understand the experience as part of daily life.

emily said...

The stamps are wonderful! I know the sadness of losing these places...I had friend in town and we drove 40 minutes to an old favorite thrift shop, only to find it desolate and sad!
But it is happy when you can keep supporting the ones that remain.


(p.s.: is there a way to get on the wait list for a journey or pocket book? i just love them- have for years!!!- thanks!)

mckenzie said...

I would also love to get on the waiting list for a journey or pocket book. I absolutely love them! You have a beautiful spirit and family.


babalisme said...

I used to collect stamps too...Reading this has given me an inspiration to cherish what I have collected and some are even lost.. I have to tidy up my collection again!


coruscater said...

Those stamps are lovely. I've been following your blog for a while, and coveting your address files for longer :) Both the blog and the files are amazing - you're so creative! The files in particular are great. I've persistently missed them when they came up in your store, but I found this:

shop through the etsy homepage. I thought I'd check since they look very similar - are they yours too?

Please continue the great work! You're an inspiration to us all :)

iva yaneva said...

hey, I came from geninne's page on flickr and I must say your blog is so pretty! :) I noticed that most of the stamps on the last pictures are from Bulgaria (which is where I am from:) so I just decided to leave a comment here:)