Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a good morning quilt

When we woke up this morning, the dim light in our bedroom somehow made the quilt on our bed look very different, and so it inspired me to try and make a quilt like the one that I thought that I had seen.

Over breakfast Addie and I made up some drawings, me trying to capture the faint image still in my head, and Addie trying to capture everything else in her world. I didn't get much of a chance to finish with my thoughts, but here is the result: 

breakfast drawings by you.

It shall be A Good Morning Quilt!

I hope to sew it up one day.


Annie said...

Oh how lovely! I would love to see your morning quilt one day finished!

Kate said...

This picture caught my breath! My grandma used to cut up apple just like this for me, and set up activities, and those are some of my fondest ever memories. I love the way you care for Addy - she is a lucky girl!

And the quilt looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

will you share with me where you got adelaide's high chair? i've noticed it in other posts-i really like the way it attaches to the table instead of taking up floor space.

adalex72 said...

Wow, I would love to see that quilt when its sewn, it looks magical!

babalisme said...

I just found your blog and I am glad I did. You are vry creative and Adelaide is really pretty.

thereddeer said...

How cute - both of you drawing together. I can't wait to do activities like that with my daughter.

sew nancy said...

i love this little scene set up of you and your daughters drawings
i think the quilt would be very nice

Beegirl said...

Just found your blog. Your products are lovely! Thanks for sharing your view..

monica said...

just perfect.

It would be a perfect quilt!!

katevp-a said...

oh that good morning quilt!! it is beautiful! like brightly coloured clothes on a clothesline!

L O V E L Y D E S I G N said...

Thanks Everyone!!!

Anonymous: This little chair is fantastic, I spotted it in use at my girlfriend's house when I was pregnant I don't think they make it anymore (in the style that I have anyways) and so I searched for it on craigslist to find (for i believe $20).

It is a Graco Travel lite table chair and is supposed to be for taking your own highchair along with you to restaurants and such. I don't think it is practical for that, who wants to lug it around, and it doesn't work on every table or with every huge kid.

But as an everyday home chair it is fantastic to us, Addie loves sitting right at the table with everyone, and I love that it was inexpensive, it doesn't take up floor space, is vinyl so easy to wipe clean, and is a neutral but cute gingham print too.

it is here: http://www.lilaguide.com/reviews/travel-lite-table-chair-495759.aspx?page=2

lune said...

I love your blog!! :)
your girl is soo cute :)) and you dress her up sooo nice! ;)
you have luck that she seems to let you work... my little one, he's also gonna be 2 in april, he just can't stay still and he always wants to paint on my drawings :)) but anyway, 2 year old kids are always lovely ;)

donaji said...

Hi: Your blog is really interesting...I am not from Vancouver, however I will be there for a few months and wanted to ask how can I go to the "Village Antiques Mall" by skytrain, I mean is it possible or do I have to take another transport??? Also wanted to ask if you know other thriftstores interesting in Vanc. or Burnaby, well will be waiting forward to your answer. Thank you.

V said...

Hello! I'm excited to have found your blog! :) (via The Crafty Crow)

I love lurking around on design and crafting blogs; I guess I'm hoping that some of the wonderful design skills will miraculously come through my computer screen and seep into me.

I just wanted to let you know that you have a(nother) local fan who reads your blog.

You have such a beautiful home. If you don't mind me asking, what colour are your living room walls? I love it!

L O V E L Y D E S I G N said...

Thanks everyone for visiting and for your comments!

Donaji: you would definately need a car to go to the village antiques mall in fort langley. It is about 45m-1hr from downtown vancouver and not on any major transit routes.

There are a few good areas to check out in vancouver though - main street from about 20th street up to about 40th street is great for neat independant shops and antique type things. We often have brunch at the Reef (4172 Main Street) or grab takeout or chai from East is East (4413 Main St) and always a snack from Liberty Bakery (3699 Main Street) too.

We also enjoy spending a sunny afternoon on commercial drive as well, there are some neat shops there. If it isn't packed out we will lunch at kid-centric LIttle Nest (1716 Charles Street at Commercial) or perhaps Havana (1212 Commercial Drive)

There are also a few decent antique shops (hit and miss!) on antique row in new westminster, which is directly off the skytrain route.

Thrift shops in general are spread out all around the city, so whenever I see oneI just pop in to check it out. I don't really have a favourite - they always seem to be hit or miss for me!

Good Luck in Vancouver! I hope you find all that you are looking for.

V: The colour of our living room is Gaussian Blue by Benjamin Moore. I also love Woodlawn Blue by them as well, it is very similar and I actually just painted my new studio in it :)

donaji said...

thank you very much for your answers and suggestions, I am from Mexico City so if you visit us (whenever)I could suggest some public markets to visit and, of course, some places to eat.

Jess said...

That is very, very sweet. You're a great mama. :o)

Qubie said...

I really like the drawing of quilt. Will you be making this into a pattern?

L O V E L Y D E S I G N said...


haha! I realised after I posted that response that it was all about the eating. You can see where my head is these days! I LOVE mexico and would love to be able to visit mexico city some day. hmmm you've got me thinking....

Qubie: I am not sure! I'd like to but I will have to see if it will turn into something feasible or not. I am still trying to make my tree quilt blocks into a pattern, and have struggled with making the directions simple and easy! we'll see :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info on the highchair-i've started my search, i can find the chair, but the styles they have out now are kinda tacky...good thing the baby isn't coming tomorrow and i have time to hunt!

Celine said...

I love this new quilt design sooooo much!

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