Wednesday, May 28, 2008

last two

My camera is broken. I was in the forest taking photos with my Addie, and suddenly it went all funny and some tiny screws (!?) fell from it. Now I find myself missing my camera very much, and hope to have it back with me soon. Funny how I find myself feeling somewhat lonesome for an object. My camera, I didn't really realise, has become a part of our days.

Here now are the last two shots I took, that I've managed to coax from my camera...

I am falling in love with this place. It is so special to me, that this forest is a few paces from our front door. These woods are becoming to me a living, breathing entity, that I now find my body craving when I am away from them. And now that Addie is walking well, we can spend more and more time in our woods just being. 

Saturday, May 17, 2008

saturday, early a.m.

It's after 2 a.m, but I cannot sleep. As I've just spent the last couple of hours chasing down a mouse in our house, furniture moved all about, lights all bright, and with the 'help' of two very thrilled kitties.

And then depositing my new little brown friend in the dark quiet of the forest, frogs croaking all about us, and all the while wearing just a nightie and gumboots.

I am alert! I am ready! There is no sleep!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

good morning

We woke up this morning to a dark, dreary, wet day. Addie and I played in bed for a long while and now we've just finished our long breakfast at 12:20. I'm not sure what to do next today. Because Adelaide has discovered playgrounds and she's wild for them. She'll stand at the window moaning and pointing in the general direction of a playground (there are four playgrounds within a few steps from our door, its kid heaven around here). Yesterday afternoon, mild and sunny, we spent over 2 hours at the playgrounds and I finally had to drag her home. Today is much too cold and wet for playgrounds, but I have a feeling she won't care. And I have a feeling that it is going to be a long, afternoon.

These frames above our bed are filled with some pages from our old "Windy & Friends" calendar. Windy & Friends are a series of wonderful children's books made by some very lovely vancouver-type friends of ours. Addie adores these books, as do I, so over the weekend I finally got off my butt and framed a couple of them out of our old calendar. They are the perfect size in these ikea shadowbox frames and there is even some space for some of Adelaide's found treasures along the bottom ledge. 

Every morning since she wakes with a jump and points up and them and yowls away at them very joyously. They are a happy addition to our good-mornings and good-nights, too!