Tuesday, February 19, 2008

first cake

Here is my Addie clapping away at her first birthday cake. She did better than I could of ever hoped for at her first birthday party we had on Sunday - a house full of people and she had them all clapping along with her!

This little girl makes my heart absolutely burst. Every night when she falls asleep, I lie tucked beside her and listen to her little heart beating. And I find myself thanking her for coming to me. And praying that my marvelous luck will stay with us.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

for a first birthday

I got a chance to whip together these invitations for my little daughter Adelaide's first birthday party we will be having on Sunday. I designed them in Illustrator, printed them out on my desktop printer on some ribbed cardstock, then trimmed them and rounded the corners. It took under an hour to get them all designed, printed and ready. Since becoming a mom I've become slightly more efficient at things!

I've also been making up lots of bunting for the party which inspired the invitations. We've been hanging it up all around our home and I hope to make some more before sunday. I made the flags double-sided and stitched them all together along 1/2" double folded bias tape. My hope is that they will last throughout the years and we can hang them up for birthdays and other occasions. But to be honest I really like having them up regardless of the day!

p.s. the typefaces I used in this invitation are Cityof and Wendy.

Monday, February 04, 2008

up! (11.5 months old)

Adelaide is now 11.5 months old! She has two top teeth and two bottom teeth.She is a good eater, and loves chomping on broccoli especially. Her other favourite foods are yogurt, sharp cheddar cheese, peas, toast strips, and rice.

Addie loves to dance, climb up the stairs, and feed dinner guests her peas. She can stand on her own for a few seconds now. She loves the cats so much and bellows when she spots them, and they seem to like her, too. She loves to climb all over Elliot, who just kind of lies there ever so patiently - poor guy. Adelaide is also fond of Otto (my mom's golden retriever) and enjoys climbing all over him and examining his eyelashes, nose, and whiskers. He is so in heaven when she does this!

Her little dance that she does is amazing - she kind of resembles Forrest Gump when doing so. Its amazing to me that she just knows how to and wants to dance. I guess some things you are just born with!

We are beginning to prepare for Addie's first birthday party which we will be having on February 17th. If you are not completely bored and happen to still be reading this post, any first birthday party suggestions?