Friday, January 25, 2008

packaging, and travelling

I constantly have all of these little ideas that I have scribbled in notebooks or on scraps of paper, or simply lingering on in the back of my brain. It seems, however, that if I ever do get around to putting these ideas to practice, it is many months or even years later!

One of these little notions of mine is to update all of my products that use any plastics in their packaging. This requires a bit of creative problem solving but here is my updated packaging for my address file +30 card packs. I used pieces of tracing paper to wrap the stacks of cards, and designed up a sticker to fasten them shut. Its a nice way to show off some off the different patterns of the cards inside. I also used this similar solution with my paper samplers as well.

Last week I received an email from a prop buyer, who is working on a movie being filmed here in Vancouver called Travelling, which stars Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart. She was looking for some special papers for a scene in the film that has something to do with Aniston's character having a wooden box filled with romantic quotes, or something. Of course I was happy to go through my stash to put together approximately 500 3x5"ish sized random papers (stacked, tied, and shown here). The prop buyer also mentioned that she wants to sneak my little address file into the movie scenes of Aniston's flower shop. It will be neat to see if the file or the papers work out and make it into the film!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

i am here!

This afternoon we continued on organising our place and belongings - Adelaide adores being my little assistant (especially when sorting through bins of fabrics and papers!)

After all of the holidays and travels and visitors to disrupt our (very-loose) routine, it feels like Addie and I are settling back in, and are enjoying our time together much. Once again, during my days I feel so lucky and happy to be a mom!

It seems like before all I heard was negatives about becoming a parent. "oh, are you going to BREED?" people would comment, looking like they smelled something bad. "BUT... you're so talented!" Like any talent I have would evaporate suddenly when my child was born. So many friends didn't even say a word
when Addie came to us. Like she doesn't exist! I think these people pity me. Such a burden! Poor me.

I suppose this all has a little something to do with the joy that I feel being a mom now. No one ever just told me how wonderful this all could be! Of course, parenthood really is not for everyone. But I don't really get why people feel the urge to put down and be so unsupportive each others choices. I just hope everyone finds their happiness. Truly.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

an open book, and bedside

This afternoon while Adelaide napped, I pulled out one of my neglected sketchbooks to jot down some ideas, and discovered a stash of forgotten treasures! Here is a look at my little desk after opening up the book. I find all of these little bits of niceness but get scared to glue them down someplace. so there they be, stashed away all over. I especially like hiding these things away in an old novel or the back of a framed photograph to be discovered by someone, someday...

And here is my bedside table. I love vintage globes so much and have collected them for years, but if you ever happen looking for the best night-light, I very much recommend one as they usually give off such nice subdued light! You can usually find them at thrift shops or antique shops (although, I have noticed that they are becoming more expensive recently... trendy?) Or you can find them on ebay, too.

tuesday night tweak

life keeps on moving...

Friday, January 04, 2008

home sweetest home

We had a really lovely time visiting family and friends in Toronto, but it was even lovelier to return back home. Suprisingly enough, we missed out on any big snows back east, but we arrived home to several feet of whiteness upon our door. A snowy Christmas-time for us, after all!

But we are safe and cozy and warm in our little house and Addie and I have been only mostly peeping at the snowflakes from the windows. It feels so nice and perfect to be back here on the moutaintop. And I am happy that it is beginning to feel like home here, more and more each day. Slowly slowly I continue to unpack and organise, a little more each day. It is a bit easier now that Addie can crawl about and explore while I do so, and it makes me happy to re-discover old forgotten treasures hidden amongst the boxes!

I have a few goals for this 2008. This year I hope to learn to drive (!) and get my driver's license. I want to watch television only rarely, and spend less time online as well, in the hopes that I have more time to make things. I also hope to lose a bit of this pregnancy weight and begin to get back to the body that feels like my own. And begin a garden spot at the community garden, too!

teething day

maybe i'm a meanie, but these photographs are hilarious to me!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

10 months old

Adelaide is now 10 months old, and suddenly it seems as though we now have a little girl rather than a baby girl! She is very mobile crawling everywhere and she follows after Jack and Elliot all over the townhouse (thank goodness, we moved just in time!). She also adores standing up and will do so anytime she gets the chance. She loves to be walked around, and she can also now walk along on her own by using her little brio push-cart which is pretty amazing to see.

Adelaide really wants her independance, and she is starting to have little mini tantrums in frustration if she cant do everything she wants to be able to do. Her brain is awake and she wants to explore everything!

Addie's two top teeth have begun to push through her gums and look very painful. She is quite the eater and is quite the carb-girl. She loves to have rice and bread. When we eat she absolutely moans until she is able to try whatever we are eating, too. Her other favourite foods are yogurt, and of course, the boobie! Addie loves visiting our favourite Indian restarant here on the mountain where she feasts on pulao rice, whole-wheat roti, and mango lassi (and the attention of the waitresses!) She has a lovely personality and people seem to love her quite instantly.