Wednesday, December 17, 2008

favourites (of the moment)

I've collected all sorts of beautiful books for years, but when I decided to be a mama some day, and then I became pregnant, one of the first (and only) things that I knew about parenthood was that I wanted encourage reading with my child for always. Because of this, I've always collected a variety of books and have had them all around to encourage reading with my Adelaide, both through her access and by my own example. This is working, a little too well actually sometimes!

So, by this time we have dozens and dozens (and dozens!) of books all around our house, both new and old, thrifted and gifted. Books are a perfect gift to give a kid, and when people insist, I will request a book. Funny thing is, we have yet to receive a duplicate, for there are so many fabulous books for children. A visit to such a delicacy such as Kidsbooks, or even to is enough to get my heart racing!

Because I keep so many books around, It is always interesting to me to note which books Adelaide, now 22 months old, adores. She is most choosy in her selections (are all children this particular??) and she will insist on a very specific book at different times, sometimes over and over again, sometimes mixing it up with varied selections. There seems to be no pattern to her choices sometimes, however, she most definately has her very favourites... here are her top picks of the moment:

Home For a Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown and Garth Williams ..I remember this book well from when I was a little girl, and I actually picked it up at a Thrift shops years before I knew I'd be a mom someday....

Tico and the Golden Wings by Leo Lionni ...This book was one of my absolute childhood favourites and I remember it clearly. When I saw they had re-released the hardcover edition I pre-ordered it immediately. I am so pleased that Adelaide loves it too (probably because she is really interested in birds) The illustrations are so beautiful...

I Can Fly by Ruth Krauss and Mary Blair ...I bought this book because of the illustrations of Mary Blair, but amazingly it is the one book that has been teaching Adelaide how to talk! Me me me! are the first words she has picked up from a book.

I Am a Bunny by Ole Risom and Richard Scarry  ...Such a classic. This is the first book that Adelaide ever responded to as a little baby.

Mother Goose by Gyo Fujikawa ...I love the Illustrations of Gyo Fujikawa so much and am happy that Adelaide seems to as well. We have many of her books and I think they're great! Adelaide loves that I sing the rhymes to her.

Baby Beluga by (who else) Raffi and Ashley Wolff  ...Well, what can I say, she loves Baby Beluga! she loves that I can sing the song to her while we turn the pages together. So much so that I had to go download the song off itunes. She gets SO HAPPY when it begins to play...!

The Story Blanket by Ferida Wolff, Harriet May Savitz, and Elena Odriozola ...I just picked this up the other day as I thought it was so beautiful, funny because even though it is for older children, Adelaide loves it!

What are your children's favourite books today? What were your favourites when you were a kid? Any book suggestions for Addie and I?


Christine said...

Hi there!
Thanks for the great book selection! I'm always poking around for new books for my 18 month old daughter. She also loves Baby Beluga and is always requesting the song, too. It's cute. Here are some of our favorites:
How to Paint the Portrait of a Bird, Jacques Prevert
Down By the Bay, another Raffi book
Mama, Do you Love Me?, Barbara Joosse
Orange Pear Apple Bear, Emily Gravett
There are so many wonderful books for children, aren't there?! So many, in fact, that it can be a bit overwhelming, so thank you for sharing your list!

Christine said...

Just a few more that I recently found:

Wave, by Suzy Lee -- an utterly charming picture book

When You Were Small -- Sara O'Leary -- whimsical and very cute.

FreshMD said...

We have "I can fly" too and we all adore it!

I get most of our books thrifted, but I ordered a Charley Harper ABC board book for Ariana this Christmas. I'm delaying wrapping it because I've been reading it myself every night before bed. It's wonderful.

i'm amy lowrey said...

great books, thanks for sharing ... we are in the same boat, keeping books in easy reach with our soon to be 2 year old. some of our faves are:
Zen Shorts by jon j muth
Blueberries for Sal
& Make Way for Ducklings both by Robert McCroskey
The Story of Littl Babaji by Helen Bannerman
thanks again!

Ali said...

Hi there--I love your blog! When she gets older the Velveteen Rabbit was always my favorite. The Home for a Bunny book---oh the memories. It was my little brother's favorite and I used to read it to him EVERY night. He got to where he could recite the WHOLE book and I would just flip the pages. :)

happyd said...

i didn't know there was a baby beluga book!! that's amazing :)

according to my mum, i was quite choosy as a toddler as well.

she said that for the longest time (months!) my bedtime story had to be 'horton hears the who' by dr. seuss!

the adairs said...

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Joslyn said...

i can fly is one of our all time favorites too. i love the illustrations.

Leslie said...

ooh, ooh, ooh. one of my fave childhood books actually reminds me of you...

have you ever read Miss Suzy? it's about this little squirrel who lives in a treehouse and drinks out of acorns and it is just the sweetest story with lovely illustrations. even my niece & nephew LOVE it now.

here is a random person's blog with some examples of the beautiful illustrations in the book:


Jersey Girl in DC said...

I've already started collecting kid's books, but we're not yet expecting nor do we have a little one in the house (yet... someday though!). I pick one up whenever I see one that's too good to pass up in a thrift or book shop. I'm glad to hear someone else did the same :)

heidi said...

My son is 22 months as well and books have been a mainstay in our home since he was 6 months old. I think it has contributed immensely to his development and vocabulary. Like you, I am always in search of new titles, thank you for sharing yours, as they are all new to me, other than Baby Beluga, which is such a beautiful tale. Right now we are enjoying The Tiger Who Came to Tea, by Judith Kerr, and How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers. Happy Holidays.

meswartz said...

I love your designs (and also have a love of maps). As for kids books... any of the Oliver Jeffers books (How to Catch a Star, The Way Back Home, Lost and Found are my faves) are fabulous - my boys (2.5 and 4 yrs) love them too and can recite them by heart. Knuffle Bunny, by Mo Willems, still a favorite. And possibly the best for introducing poetry: Scranimals by Jack Prelutsky. Oh, I could go on and on...

Anonymous said...

We have I can fly too and it does have the most amazing illustrations! I think I want to frame them!

Cara said...

I must tell you i love your blog and visit it regularily!

I found your site when my fascination with maps began as I had stumbled across your "miss you mailset" in a magazine and instantly looked you up.

Looking at your daughters quilt has inspired me to try my own. Since i am currently a student i will have to wait a bit until the work load slows down but it will be my goal for this summer!

I would love to be considered in the draw for the address file giveaway!