Thursday, October 16, 2008

apple tree

Yesterday was another perfect fall day and so Adelaide and I went out to explore mountain together. We headed over to an area which we haven't really gone to before, and we were rewarded by discovering an apple tree growing wild, tucked away within a hillside. 

wild apple tree by you.a picnic by you.

I have no idea what variety of apples these are, and they aren't quite ripe yet, but Addie didn't mind. I picked some for us and after an impromptu picnic she loaded up her arms with as many as she could (three) for the journey back home. And we will return in a week or so to see if our wild little tree's apples are ready for us yet.

apples for home by you.

Someone here once told me that we are two climate zones above the rest of the Vancouver area. I am not sure if this is a fact, but it sure feels like it. My dogwood tree bloomed much later than it was supposed to and the ones off the mountain, and we get a lot of snow, too. It's amazing to me that even a slight change in climate and my body picks this up as though my soul has a built in barometer or something.

When I lived in Los Angeles all of that sunshine was fantastic, but my whole being felt right off, seasonally speaking. When I lived just outside of Gothenburg it felt almost right to me, climate-wise, but the marvelous Swedish light could never become regular to me. And now up here on the mountain things are almost right too, but I can still feel the teeniest of a shift, for when I sniff the clear cool mountain air it is a chillier then what I am accustomed too, even after a year. (Oh, I have just realised that we have lived here on this mountain a year tomorrow!)

I don't know if what I just wrote will make any sense at all. I hope that someone out there has a built in barometer too and knows exactly what I ramble about. Perhaps there is a clearer desciption of these sorts of things out there somewhere.


TrippleJN said...

I think know what you are talking about.

I know when I am having a perfect weather day because my whole body feels good, I am happier, and I'm more productive. I've had thoughts that creative people are often much more sensitive to everything than people who are more, what should I say...matter of fact? Perhaps that built in barometer you speak of is stronger or more easily recognized in people who are creative and emotionally sensitive.

I am a strange one, in that I do better on slightly cloudy days. Just a random fact that most people find a bit morbid. I just like the quality of light, and my senses don't get so overloaded.

Thanks for posting this interesting topic.


Holly said...

your daughter's shoes are AMAZING

Hayley Lau said...

I understand what you mean.

Addie is gorgeous. I've been following your blog for a little while, but haven't commented until now.

I have a daughter about Addie's age and reading about your experiences together is inspiring. My life is busy busy busy that I forget to take time out for the small things. Thanks for reminding me.

nicole said...

what a sweetie with that arm-full of apples.

joanna said...

she looks so cute with apples in her hands!! what a happy day!

mamafabun said...

Such a cutie. And look at her cool shoes!