Thursday, August 14, 2008

special delivery

Recently, I've been very lucky to receive some very lovely treats in my mailbox from some very beautiful girls...

A package of goodness from Leslie's shop in Japan, full of beautiful fabrics! I plan on making some pillows for Addie's room with the balloon fabric, and reupholstering a chair for my workroom with the lollipop flowers fabric. And now I see that Leslie has new fabrics in stock (trouble!)
treats by mail by you.
A lovely alphabet print from Shim and Sons, which I ordered special from Sally. I love it and t will hang in Adelaide's bedroom. And I am tempted to order a set of everyday flats with the (A)delaide, (C)harles, and (S)harilyn all brightly lit up, to use as greeting cards from our little family... love them!
treats by mail by you.
A wonderful letterpressed print inspired by San Francisco, made by Lab Partners. When I saw this print I instantly fell in love with it, and it is absolutely beautiful in person, too! I will hang it in our main bath alongside our little prints by Rachel Sumpter and Julie Morstad.
treats by mail by you.
I spotted a TOGETHER collage that Dawn had made a while back, and she is such a sweetheart that she made one just for me! I plan on framing it and hanging it in our kitchen or at the entrance to our home. It makes me happy, to think of the three of us here in our little home, all cozy together for always.


leslie said...

covering a chair with that fabric. great idea. i was wondering what your plan was. and i did a swap with lovely sally and got some everyday flats. go for it. they're great. along with that lab partners print. and together. whoohoo.

Sandy said...

Your fabrics and prints are lovely. I adore your blog header too. Beautiful pictures and lovely inspiration...thank you!

lori said...

i love it all! i got that same balloon fabric to make a dress for sosi. :)

Liz said...

Hi there! I wanted to thank you for this post...I ended up ordering the shim and sons print for my babys room (he will be here next month!) and have some fabric on the way from Leslie to make curtains for his room - this was the last thing I needed to get done before he comes. I wouldn't have known about either of these goodies otherwise, and they were just what I needed.
Your posts are always visually pleasing and inspiring - thank you for that!