Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Taken today after returning home from the water park with friends. Elliot and Adelaide have become such great friends... I have realised that they are almost always together. He sleeps with her every night (and every nap), eats breakfast and other meals with her, and spends much of the afternoon wandering around outside following her around. And he is ever so patient when she hugs and kisses and attempts to pick (all 16 pounds of) him up!

I love it so much that my girl is growing up with beautiful pets who adore her as much as she does them.


unha said...

sigh... i soooo want to get a pet for jinu..
both kenny and i grew up in no-pet household so we are not sure how it will be.
jinu hugs every cats + dogs when we are out and about.. should i just get a cat? your pictures make me get one so bad!!

Anonymous said...

that must be so lovely! i wish i could have kept my pbgv, but our place is too small...=)


Funky Madchen said...

My husband and I never liked cats until we had our own. We have two and the kids adore them. Whenever we return from anywhere the cats are waiting for us at the door, they are as excited to see us as we are to see them!!

maria santos said...

I love that your adorable little girl has such a patient and kind furry friend! They're probably the same size too!
I saw some photos on flicker and LOVE that they nap together!

kindest thoughts,
marie in toronto

laura dodson said...

oh your kitty looks like our charlie bucket! :o)

cute baby, too! ;op

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Elliot is Adelaide's angel.
*one of many she has watching over her, I'm sure*

They're both beautiful.


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