Thursday, July 17, 2008

a farm day

Recently, we all visited Maplewood Farm in North Vancouver. I had never heard of the place before reading about it a little while ago on Ella's Little Red Caboose, and I've wanted to take Adelaide there ever since! However, I haven't had a chance to as I don't drive and its a little out of the way for us, transit-wise. Then one day Charles had the afternoon off from work, and so we all went!

What a lovely spot! All of us had such a sweet visit, we met tiny baby goats and a 10 day old baby calf (we voted to name her Marmalade). We trailed after groups of baby ducklings, patted rabbits, we checked out the goats being milked, and we waved up at the huge Belgium Draft Horses too.

But our favourite was visiting all of the sheep and goats - I never realised how lovely sheep and goats could be! I love the way they would come up to me and simply lean on me - so cozy. Addie patted each one of them very purposefully, and when we finally left their pen, they all started moaning and bleating away at us, like: "hey where you going! come on back to us!"

On our drive to the farm, we also made a stop to pick up some drinks and to prolong Addie's sleep in the car. I spotted a little quilting shop to check out though I wasn't expecting much. I usually find quilting shops always carry the same things - mainly fabrics that would appeal (I am making a huge assumption here) to an older market. However, I was nicely surprised at the selection of fabric this little shop had, and picked up a nice little stack as a treat for myself. So if you're ever passing by, Creative Edge Quilting & Sewing on Old Dollarton Road in North Vancouver may be worth a peek!

Oh how I love fabrics, they make me happy! I don't have a lot of spare time these days to sew, but recently I have finally set up a permanent sewing area at home by deconstructing a closet. Sometimes when I get a moment, I dash in there and sew a seam or two. I will take a photograph of my sewing area one of these days and show you what I've been up to in there...


Ella said...

you made it. so good. and you were thorough in your play. i see you learned the horses were not clydesdales. i can't remember our name for the calf but it was a boy name. Marmalade is pretty great. and fabric?? i've not seen this shop. good find. i know what you mean about appeal for an older market. Vancouver fabric shops seem a lot like that to me too. Why isn't someone funking it up here?

sharilyn said...

ELLA: hee hee whatcha doing up this late, too! (2:45 am!) i have a headache, and i am so awake so i can't sleep. check out the fabric shop (its right before you turn into the farm street) its worth it! maybe it's new? i dont see it listed online anywhere, but they definately had some nice things. and nice dyed wool felt, too.. i thought of you when i spotted it!

leslie said...

farms. and fabric. all in the same day. wonderful. and so is the permanent sewing area. it will make such a difference. it did for me.

Kelly said...

It looks like you had a great day. And I love those fabrics! I can't wait to see your sewing area.

My name is Brigitte said...

I recently transformed a storage room in our basement into a sewing room. I love it. I am able to leave my projects that I have started and just shut the door so I can pick up on it at anytime. Time is always an issue but sometimes I sneak away to my sewing room and create, organize or just admire my fabric and notions. I too enjoy looking for fun fabric!! Enjoy your sewing space!!

Funky Madchen

Anika said...

Must confess to subscribing to your blog but I don't think I've commented yet.

If you're looking for fantastic fabric for people under 40, you must check out Quilt Essentials Fabrics 2622 Montrose Avenue
604.853.5444 (it's in Downtown Abbotsford). Best fabric store i have ever seen. And if you're coming out to Abbotsford, you should visit some farms, here are some:

rachel d said...

the fabrics! I swoon!

have you done any quilting using "quick piecing" techniques?

if not you should! When you are a busy it is a fun way to make quilts that have points that line up!


sharilyn said...

my name is brigitte: doesnt having a dedicated sewing space make all the difference? i am enjoying mine (and hoping that i won't have to surrender it once i am "working" more) :)

anika: wow, thanks for the links! I really am loving this farm circle site - im thinking a visit to some abbotsford farms, and then a visit to Quilt Essentials! I take it you live out that way?

Rachel d: i'm atually working on another quilt right now and am quick piecing triangles from half squalre units. so much better. you have any techniques you've tried and recommend?

jodi said...

The pics of Addie at the farm remind me so much of a photo of myself - I am a bit older than Addie, in a pink polka-dot outfit, bottle feeding a piglet. I will post it soon and let you know. Can't wait to take my little one to the farm.

Diane said...

Just came across your blog through a link on Etsy. You have the most beautiful pictures and are obviously a talented designer. Thanks for sharing all your work and ideas!

I can't wait to see your permanent sewing area. I need one of those myself!