Saturday, June 21, 2008

university day

Lately Addie and I have been going down to the university to explore. She wanders as she wishes and I follow along obediently... and this is what we did again today.

A university campus is a great place for a little kid to explore. There are always many things happening - dancers practicing their routines, musicians playing and composing, and today, some scientists constructing some huge type of sphere. There are all sorts of nooks and crannies, sculptures and artworks, fields and gardens and groves and fish-filled ponds to explore. Adelaide is in heaven when we're here!

I am certain, however, that we often take students by surprise - I guess it doesn't occur to the average university student that there are hundreds of little children that live on their campus, too. Often we get odd looks which at first used to make me feel awkward, but now amuse me. Adelaide doesn't seem to mind at all.

My little amazing girl - she's growing up so quickly right in front of me. Every day there is a slight shift forward for her. Last week sometime (I missed exactly when) she suddenly sprouted these long legs and she's been using them to run like wild, frontwards and backwards. She spins over and over in circles, one way, and then back around the other way. She dances for no one in particular, simply for the joy of being. I never grow tired of watching her in awe, for it still hasn't really hit me that this beautiful child is mine.

And she rarely, if ever, will hold my hand anymore. This makes my heart hurt a little, so today when she grabbed my hand (for what seems like no reason in particular) I quickly, awkwardly, snapped a photo, to try to capture this moment for myself forever. I am so glad that I caught it.

After running around the campus I love to take her to our Indian Restaurant for a buffet lunch. We've been taking Adelaide here since she was a little baby, and it's her favourite place to eat. Every day is something new, but today we feasted on fish curry, chana masala, matar vindaloo, tandoori chicken, and fresh naan. I mix a little bit of curry in rice for Adelaide, with a bit of chicken and chickpeas and she is one happy girl!

And after many hours away Addie and I head back home, tired out, and covered in chalk. Together we will have a bubble bath and a nap. We arrived to find our kitty Jack waiting for us on our front stoop - which (can you even tell?) absolutely thrilled Adelaide. You can kind of see Jack's cheek poking out beside Addie's artwork on the chalkboard posts. She adores her furry brothers!

I've been feeling happy again, and we've been having really great days. The kind that make me wish that I could bottle them up and keep them forever.


Sara said...

I started following your blog to see your letterpress work, (which is wonderful!) and have continued to read because of posts like this. You have beautiful words, a beautiful daughter, and it inspires me again and again, reading about your adoration of her every whim and fancy, to remember how beautiful life really is.

Lovely Paper said...

okay, i got goosebumps. this was so well written! i felt like i was right there with you, and now i wish i were a mommy too. we're waiting a couple more years before we have kids.

anyway, i hope you capture all the moments like that one where she's holding your hand. that was precious!

Molly said...

Oh so sweet. Your daughter is a true beauty, and I love that she has that sense of wonder propelling her through the world (and taking you with her). And I love that blogs are a place for that kind of record-keeping, and we get to share the journey with you. Lovely.

kim said...

I can't get my kid to eat a ham sandwhich and you've got yours eating curry! Wow...I did something wrong.

P.S. That dryer lint stuffing idea...I ended up using the rest of it to make pincushions, I figured since nobody wants to throw a pincushion around it would be okay. Hope you found a solution that worked.

nicole said...

i am really adoring your life and your little girl. you seem to be such a sweet, involved mama. keep on keepin' on! :)

sharilyn said...

hi kim: funny thing is, Adelaide is a horrible eater! We usually struggle to get her to eat anything. Have you tried feeding your kid rice and a little curry? might just work!! :)

Kangaroopals said...

I almost reach the screen monitor and kiss your daughter... she is very very lovely...

I have two boys... wish have a daughter too.