Tuesday, June 03, 2008

looking down, looking up

Today I stood in one spot in the forest and took a photo looking down, and then a photo looking up!

I have no idea what these little "star" flowers are. But they are really tiny and sweet - smaller than 1 cm each. The tree and leaves are from a Vine Maple. The Thompson Native Indians used the wood from Vine Maples to make cradles for their babies, which makes these little trees even sweeter! I have all these nerdy tree facts memorized from researching and making all those tree posters. Coming in handy somewhat these days...

Looking at these photos now, I once again almost feel and smell the air in the forest - it is so deep and musty yet refreshing and cool all at once. It is wonderful!


malcomama said...

Growing up in Salem, OR and now living with my husband and little one in Portland has taught me to absolutely CHERISH the forest and all its little nooks and crannies. I love your tree photos! I imagine little forest fairies living amongst the white star-shaped buds...P.S. Addie is ADORABLE, speaking of fairies! :)

Hege said...

Oh, these little flowers is one of my favorite! i just love it when thy starts to pop up :) Here in Norway we call them "skogsstjerne" - star of the forest.
But in nglish they are called chickweed wintergreen or Arctic starflower.