Wednesday, March 05, 2008

on being sick, and sewing trees

The past couple of weeks we have all been sick with some sort of stomach flu bug. First me, then Addie, and now Charles has it too (and pretty much everyone else we know). My poor baby girl, it was the first time she has ever been sick with anything. She had one day and one night of a lot of throwing up, and given that she is a 5th percentile baby for weight, I was a little bit concerned for her. Her appetite has not been the same since and she has barely been eating anything. It's times like these I am very grateful for breastfeeding, as she rarely turns the boobie down. At least I know she's getting something...

I feel like I've been trying so many things to get her to eat more and sometimes I just feel at a loss. If anyone out there reading this has any suggestions or food ideas for getting your toddler to eat, I would very much appreciate hearing them!!!

But, despite the sick and lack of appetite, Adelaide is still my sweet sweet girl.

A little while ago, I saw a photograph online of a quilt which was done in a flying geese pattern in green and white. It reminded me of a lot of little trees all together, and has inspired me to make a tree quilt. I tweaked around a little bit and came up with a pattern, and now I have been sewing up trees whenever I get a moment. The trees are about 2X3" in size and my plan is to place them somewhat randomly throughout the finished quilt, some trees all together and some spreading out and about. I also have thought of having them run from greens to yellows, oranges and reds like the seasons of spring, summer, and fall. But so far I have been only making them in green colours. Here are some of them now:

AND, just what is it with kitties and crafting? Every time I sit down to sew, these two show up. I don't know if they are just nosy, or if the sewing machine gives off some sort of heat, or what! They drive me crazy, but it's gotten to the point where when I head to my making room I catch myself calling out: "Elliot! Jack! Sewing!" Somehow, making no longer feels totally right without their company.


ana ventura said...

ohhh :( I hope she is better now. It's so hard when they are sick. Big hug from us full of good energie to you all.
The quilt it's amazing. Congrats :)

shanna said...

i hope little addie feels better very, very soon. poor little dear.

the trees are beautiful, can't wait to see them all bound together!

missy said...

what a sweet face...hope you're all feeling better!! love the quilt!

Lori Pickert said...

love the quilt!! :^D)

adelaide is looking beautiful as usual - hope you are seeing some spring there - we're not!


marbargarbo said...

Those are cute kitties! :)

andrea said...

oh i hate it when babies throw up! i feel so badly for them...somehow though, they take it better than adults, i find.

will adelaide eat blueberries? I found carson would eat a lot of those as well as baby crackers. there are some good natural choices at wholefoods. Of course there is the staple bunny pasta....we never fail with that one!

Jessica said...

So, so sorry. We went through stomach flu the week after Christmas, and it was just terrible.

My two-year-old has always been a tough customer in the food department. (She's also in a very low weight percentile - it's been difficult, but I have managed to stop stressing about that so much.) Perhaps some of our go-to staples will spark ideas for you:

- Smoothies: plain yogurt + favorite fruits
- Scrambled eggs with sour cream and cheese
- Goat cheese plain or spread on crackers or toast
- Hummus on warm flatbread - or just eaten off of a spoon!
- Banana cookies - slices of banana coated with crumbled up graham crackers (crumble the crackers in a bag - she can help - then shake up the banana slices in the bag to coat them)
- Frozen whole wheat pancakes or waffles with peanut or almond butter and jelly

In addition to figuring out which foods she'll eat, offering finger food, having her participate in meal preparation in whatever way you can include her, and presentation (making faces and shapes) have all seemed to help at one difficult stage or another.

Very best wishes for a speedy recovery for all of you!

Mutts said...

Design baby food with the shape of animals and tell her a story. Good luck!

Clear Pink said...

What a sweet little girl.

I love the fabric. Hope to see the finished product.

lori said...

oh my gosh, this is my area of expertise!

sosi never ate anything, she never seemed hungry. she too, breastfed almost exclusively until she was about 18 months.

things she did eat:
boiled edamade (with a little salt)
rice cakes
grapes, apples cut up
boiled egg cut up
smoothies. she loved these... banana and blueberry and yogurt.
she also loved soups. i guess because they were easy to eat. i put anything in them. spinach and broccoli soup with lots of garlic, chicken broth with those little stars, that's her fave.

the most important thing is to not worry. she is getting everything she needs from you and will start eating eventually. sosi eats so much now, i never thought i would see the day.

glad you are all feeling better.


mikodesign said...

these trees are amazing!!

Shael said...

We've just recovered from an awful stomach bug as was horrible. I went through a similar worry with my 2 yr old daughter. She'd never been sick like that before and wasn't sure what was happening. Not able to keep water down I was so worried about dehydration too.

Lately she is becoming even more picky with her eating and I am now realizing I didn't have it so bad.

Smoothies are a fantastic fruit fix. Mini banana and flax germ muffins. Rice cakes with almond butter. Annie's tomato soup with cheesy crackers.

Love the trees!

Melissa said...

hope little A is feeling better soon! you poor things- family sickness is no fun.
i am in love with the beginning sof your tree quilt. what a clever idea! i can't wait to see it finished.

kara said...

Hi, I just love the quilt you are working on! Sorry about the stomach flu, my son got it a few times at that age and we just covered all the furniture with sheets. Poor little monkeys.

When Jackson started eating finger foods we discovered a few things that were very easy. One was organic veggie or noodle soup (I would look for lower sodium ones), drain it and let hime go to town with his fingers. The other thing he ate a lot of was garden burgers, I would just cook them in the toaster and break it into bite size pieces.

Knit - R - Done said...

I really love the trees...just lovely.

Leslie said...

just came across your blog...what a cute idea! I'm not much of a quilter, but this one I would do.

DeeJay said...

Would love to have a copy of those instructions to the quilt that is living in your brain (and on the craft table). Love!