Tuesday, January 15, 2008

i am here!

This afternoon we continued on organising our place and belongings - Adelaide adores being my little assistant (especially when sorting through bins of fabrics and papers!)

After all of the holidays and travels and visitors to disrupt our (very-loose) routine, it feels like Addie and I are settling back in, and are enjoying our time together much. Once again, during my days I feel so lucky and happy to be a mom!

It seems like before all I heard was negatives about becoming a parent. "oh, are you going to BREED?" people would comment, looking like they smelled something bad. "BUT... you're so talented!" Like any talent I have would evaporate suddenly when my child was born. So many friends didn't even say a word
when Addie came to us. Like she doesn't exist! I think these people pity me. Such a burden! Poor me.

I suppose this all has a little something to do with the joy that I feel being a mom now. No one ever just told me how wonderful this all could be! Of course, parenthood really is not for everyone. But I don't really get why people feel the urge to put down and be so unsupportive each others choices. I just hope everyone finds their happiness. Truly.


Ingrid said...

I love what you wrote. It's so true. I guess people find it hard to express what they don't know sometimes. I love being a mom. It's probably the only thing that doesn't take away from being me but adds to it. Your little girl is precious.

christine said...

It's so good to hear this from you. I have a fairly successful design business, but there's nothing I want more than to have a family. I realize there will be sacrifices, but at least I'm my own boss, so I can hopefully make it work.

It's been a joy watching you adjust to life with adorable Adelaide. It gives me hope, so thank you.

xo Christine

p.s. I've been a fan of your work for ages! I am friends with Gregory & Emily out here in LA, which I think is how I originally found you.

Robyn said...

You are wonderfully talented and your daughter is ABSOLUTELY beautiful and sweet! I just stumbled across your blog...can't remember how? Our culture does not celebrate motherhood the way it should and it's really a shame. The reason You LOVE being a mom is because that is how you were designed by God :) You are a fantastic mother and you are experiencing the BLESSINGS of having a precious child! I hope that those around you see how radiant your LOVE is....and I hope you know how valuable you! I know your daughter does!

instantanés said...

Oh, qu'il fait bon vivre chez "lovely design" ... Everything is so SWEET in this blog: the pictures, the colours, the texts ... J'ADORE ! sorry, but my english is very bad ... A bientôt !

Unha said...

I hear you. Like what you said in my post, there is some huge disconnect between being an empowering creative woman and embracing motherhood and the family.

Unless you are in it, I think it's hard to fathom the depth of love for a child.
Even for me, J was a surprise baby. Total blessing in disguise. I didn't know that at first. Once I accepted it, then I realized what wonderful ride I was in for the rest of my life. Hence #2. ^_^

lots of love and cozinesss to your home + family + cats!

Uncle Beefy said...

So sad that people actually put down your choice to become a mother...particularly using the term "breeding". I understand that parenthood isn't for everyone. But as has been pointed out, until it happens to you can you REALLY understand?

I also find it strange that others would put at odds your creativity vs. being a mother...? Aren't those two joyous things to bring together? You and your daughter are all the better for it I'd say.
And, one is likely to perpetually keep feeding the other. Perfect.

jenn said...

oh, what a little sweetpea!
Motherhood was the most inspiring thing that has ever happened to me! Sure, sometimes it takes a bit longer to get things done, but who cares, when there's snuggling to be done!
People can be so silly; they have all of these preconceived notions about being a mother. It does change everything, but in such an amazing, enriching, way! One day, they'll have kids, and they'll see!

Ravenhill said...

It is too bad that others cannot always find the way to be supportive of our choices. It is good that you are following your heart. May you find the support and encouragement that you need in your life. Your little one is so adorable and the fabrics are lovely. Happy organizing!

sarah said...

I completely understand where you are coming from - I am an artist and designer here in Vancouver, and mum to a two year old.
It's been so interesting, how some dear friends have faded away, and I've grown so much closer to others.
Ultimately my son has enriched everything so completely, giving purpose and meaning to my practice, my relationships, my life.
Thank you for your lovely blog!

amy said...

You don't really know love until you have a baby I don't think. And you automatically join the other parents out there in this crazy and loving world of parenthood.I think being creative and successful and being a mom go together! Your little one is too cute checking out the fabric!

anna said...

I did not realize you had a blog, I was glad to come across it today.
I hear what you are saying about people judging/having opinion about having kids, I had my first when I was 21! But being a mom has been such a joy, and I have found that although I do not have much time to create, I feel more creative than I ever have!
Your little babe is such a beauty!

melanie said...

Thanks for this post! I am currently pregnant with my first and am finding it strange that none of our friends have children (I'm 32, so it isn't because I'm super-young). Some people were shocked when they found out I was pregnant which made the Mister & I laugh because maybe we just didn't talk about it much but having children was always part of our plan. People like to talk about what we are going to lose but, to us, we just like to hang out with each other and do family-type things together anyway that having children will (we hope) only enhance that.

Alex said...

Thank you for describing what has happened to a lot of us new Moms. It's rather heartbreaking that we've been treated like this when we're in such a wonderful place in our lives. Your work is fabulous and a credit to all of us who are trying to make mom/design work fit into our lives. Good luck!

Making it Lovely said...

My husband and I are starting to want a baby… it makes me so happy to hear about your joy!

malcomama said...

You are not at all alone in finding joy in your life as a mama: it's wonderful!!! (My first, Malcolm, is 10 months now.) Some people are just to self-absorbed to want to share in their lives with anyone...even a beautiful, loving child! THEY'RE the crazy ones.

You don't deserve pity...You deserve a pat on the back for raising such a lovely child! Congratulations...Although your paper products are gorgeous, Adelaide is by far your best product yet!!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing this. I think not enough women talk about the more subtle emotional and psychological ways that parenting is hard -- but also not enough about the unexpected joys and rewards of parenthood. They're all mixed up in there together, and it's a good, life-giving mix, I think. : )

matt and april said...

you are so right about motherhood being the BESTEST thing ever! i never wanted kids, but then i decided to give it a try and boy, am i sooo glad i did! i ADORE my son! i can't believe how blessed i am and am so grateful God allowed me to experience motherhood! i also really enjoy your blog. i have been going back and looking at all your old posts-so fun!