Wednesday, October 03, 2007

in my studio

from: november 24, 2005

I am pretty suprised at how much a quick floor sweep can really clean up a space. Usually, the floor is absolutely littered with paper scraps!

I love vintage boxes from chinatown. Years ago, I would spot them while searching for chinatown treasures, and the shopkeepers would usually given them to me - I think that they thought that i was just some crazy white girl! Months later they were on to me, and they would charge me 50 cents per box or so. Now when i go to chinatown, most shops have their old boxes on the shelves for sale for several dollars each! But I still love them and usually will buy 1 or 2 as a treat for myself.

When I lived in my old apartment building, they were always renovating the many suites and tearing out all the old fixtures and cabinets. This made me so sad until my lovely building manager Kevin let me have some of the spoils! This old glass-doored kitchen cabinet is perfect for storing my stuff. Later on i added many glass jars along the bottom to hold all my smaller items such as thank you notes and paper samplers.

here is my big blackboard that I picked up at a salvation army thrift store for $12. It's a good quick visual to keep track of orders from my retailers.

One day, I found this old metal shelf in an alley and dragged it in and cleaned it up. It's the perfect place to store some of my papers.

somehow a pair of seagulls found me. In the afternoons, they come and sit on the roof of the building across the alley from my window and peep at me until i give them pastries from my window ledge. They swallow them in one gulp, but they also share with each other too. (i think they are a couple).

here is the back of my door, and my cork board, where I pin up some flat-type favourite finds.


Amy said...

Your level of organization can only be described as *dazzling.*

lazy crafternoon said...

do you for some reason remember the name and make of your paint?

sharilyn said...

The paint is a custom colour that i had made through benjamin moore. I LOVE it and have painted numerous bedrooms and my work space and just this past weekend, my daughters bedroom so I just happen to have the specs on hand! The paint is:

Benjamin Moore ECCspec Pastel Base 223-1B
OY ox 4.0000
BK Ox 9.0000
TG Ox 12.7500

Also, this is an enviromentally friendly paint with almost no odour and it goes on quite thick with little drips. If you do use this custom paint, I hope you love it as much as I do!

Nay-k said...

your studio looks fabulous! and so well organized (this inspires me to clean up my office!!!!)

Crissy said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE your studio!! Is it in the city? (Vancouver)

Love, love, love it!!!

Nadia Puntillo said...

I found your website then blog through the Craft Inc. book that I just picked up. I have been going through your blog from present to past. I have 2 children and I have put my love of letterpress on hold and I'm at a point now to start up again. To see all the things that you produced and still juggling family life is very inspiring. Your daughter is very adorable!
I was admiring your blog and I stumbled on your previous studio photos - I love the little houses on the window. Could you tell me did you make them? I hope you have a great new year. I will view your blog to see new and wonderful things. Nadia