Saturday, October 06, 2007


This is our new home, if all the red tape clears out o.k. (next week?) our first real home together for the three of us. ours! We spent the afternoon today hanging out inside. and it feels so cozy, and down the street a nature reserve and across the street a path through a forest to the school and playgrounds and cafes...

Today I wished that we didnt have to go back to our rented place again!

I am so very proud of my love and partner charles. he is so incredibly talented yet humble and he really works so hard to care of addie and me. So I can have my wish and be a full-time mom. He is such a great father, to see him and Addie together, how she kicks in excitement to glimpse or hear him - He melts my heart.

ps: it is now ours oct 18!


Amy said...

Congratulations! It looks beautiful.

h&b said...

What a gorgeous home - congratulations !