Sunday, October 14, 2007


Many time during my days, I will find myself thinking:
God, I love this so much. Please let me be a mama forever!
And then I realise that, no matter what:
I will always be a mama. Forever.


Ingrid said...

This is my first time commenting..and I had to after what you wrote. will always be a mama. My "babies" are 2yrs old and 15 years old..and although the older one is past baby stage..I am still his mama and he will always be my boy. Thanks for such a lovely blog.

Rachel said...

glad you are happy :)

the link to your store does not work

just so you know


sharilyn said...

thanks rachel! you think, after all this time that i'd be able to spell "lovely" correctly. nope!

Jen said...

yes. exactly!

i am a mama to a girl who's just about 4 months old and i feel so lucky to be the one to feed her and watch her grow. every day is such a gift.

(so glad to have found your blog btw - i've been in love with your found-paper goodness for years.)

Julie said...

such a lovely post from lovelydesign. it almost makes me wish i could fast forward a few years to see what it'd be like –having a family like that :-)

h&b said...

That is so beautiful ;)

I love being a mummy too. Everything else before was so .. nothing...