Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a studio space!

from: october 5, 2005

So this is pretty much the absolute worst time of year for me to be moving to a new studio. ugh.But last month i pretty much started realising that i really need to find myself a new work spot. and once i get an idea in my head it's difficult for me to turn back. There is more to this but perhaps shouldn't be posting all my reasons here. But it was just time to move on. I began researching mid-week, then viewing places on friday, and by tuesday i had a lease at 525 Seymour street. I struck a deal with the real estate agent with a couple of months free rent. it's really not bad investment to keep my sanity... I'm pretty thrilled - and relieved - about it.

here it is - my windows face north - on the right side of the building so you can't see them here.

My father and i are fixing the new studio up right now - some minor renovations such as painting, etc. My dad is awesome for those sort of things. It is about 200 square feet, I hope to be all moved in in a couple of weeks. Do come and visit if you happen to be in the neighbourhood!

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