Wednesday, May 23, 2007

scrap paper sampler

from: June 30th, 2005

so, from out of the randoms of my in-box, here are just a few of the beautiful scraps that have returned to me...

from: what what
(this is also an animated .swf!)

from: jeremy pruitt

from: julie morstad

from: marco cibola

from: gord wiebe

from: ken gamage

from: camilla engman

i've been so inspired by what people have been doing with these leftovers. I love the way that most people got more or less similar items, but they returned them with their own 'flavour' so that they are all so different and unique. It's been more then i ever expected... i'm so happy that people really got into this... sigh!

note... its really difficult for me to refrain from just posting dozens and dozens of these scraps!!!

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