Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the revolution wasn't bad... we hit the streets with all we had

from: April 1st, 2005

I'm sitting, staring at this. I'm listening to stars and singing away to myself and to my orange boyfriend. he adores my singing - even if no one else in the world does. If anyone out there requires some unconditional adoration, i strongly suggest picking up a kitty at the local SPCA. Outside, it is grey. I have yet to pinpoint where this day will take me. i am groggy.

So last night I decided to stop fighting my urges to conform to the norm. I stayed up as long as i wanted without consideration of what the common folk do. I cut pages til 2, I bound books til 4. I had my dinner at 4:30, cut more pages, did some computer work and emailing, updated the scrap list, and worked on some contract work a bit. by 6:30 i began to feel a bit weary, but i briefly considered staying up til 8 so i could greet a grumpy charlie with a hot tea and some cheer. good morning, dear!

This 'morning" i woke when i felt like it: 2 pm, without the guilt. Now i will have the bath. good morning!

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